Penn State York


Inside voices worn down to nothing
Gapless smiles and city solutions
Sipping arsenic from a glass jar
Chewing juice dripping stalks.
Can you sing the words louder?
Can you speak a little slower?
Gapless smiles and city solutions.
Swimming in melted tundra and swallowing protozoa.
Am I an American puppet?
Distinct smells and sounds and smells and sounds.
Stella beer dripping from a spilled bottle
Rock-sand pouring from European hands
I’ve had my fill, I’ve had my fill.
Have I had my fill?
I’ve had my fill, I’ve had my fill.
Dancing beladi
Breathing heavily
Cigarette smoke intrusion
Sheesha smoke inclusion
Am I an American puppet?
Minus the trash cans
Add the strays
And croon alone at night
With the bats.
Intrusion, inclusion.
I am an American puppet.