Penn State York

Wednesday Night Training Between Study Sessions by Eric Kennedy

Inviting my students between
the ropes, I begin the lesson of
ring psychology.

We’ve defined face and heel and
how to keep the illusion alive
like Bloom hiding love letters to keep

kayfabe with his menstruating wife.
It all starts from the lock-up,
intensity comes across in your

hyperbole, you are Kinbote and
the ring is your Zembla.
And selling makes the difference between

flat and round characters. Sell poorly
and you’re the jobber who knocked up Dewey Dell.
Sell well and you can make us

believe your mother is a fish.
You must be Mrs. Ramsay
and get a grasp on what

your dinner guests (otherwise known
as marks) are feeling. Master ring psychology,
boys, and you can be the Henry James of Sports Entertainment.