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“Gentle Man” by Mary Captan

I’m untouched, undone, unraveled, unlocked. Reach for me under auburn autumn heat, brick-free euphoria and ticking clocks. Glorious colors I’m planning to seek. You’re unrefined, uncontained, and dancing. I’m reaching above satin soft tendrils, traced lullabies and envy hued glances. Perfect peach radiance and looks to kill. Quiet nostalgia tucked in knapsacks, picked dandelions behind […]

“Freudington” by Cameron P. Bhushan

It was an ominous day for some, but a wonderful one for monsters like Mac, for surely, to him, Freudington was a collection of craziness; a place where anything was possible and conceivable to a conscious mind. Where am I, he muttered, as he roamed within a studio. The walls swallowed him despite his height. […]

“Epocholipsia” by Keith Karnish

Her roots have grown through granite slabs, scattered across wild fields, amid lavish lavender and woven stone, she will find her home. For willingly she does come and faintly will she go, her will is the will of the sun ten thousand times ago. And within her epic eyes lie dormant wings, eclipsing. As a […]

“Wings” by Kellie Gibson

Birth of flight! A transformation of self. I grow feathers angelic From my back flesh Sprouting anew Feather, by feather, by feather, by feather. There is no pain from this sprouting Only the feeling of pressure. Now, a newly winged being ready for flight My arms stretching from wing to silver wing. The blurry flap […]

“American Dream” by Julie Cassel

In this small town familiarity of ourselves there are no exclamation points no question marks only hard periods slammed on blank pages In this small town we require certainty a guaranteed conviction of what is Yet what is left of what is but the assurance of dotted i’s the slow humped backs of m’d or […]