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“The Fat Dog” by David Fair

I sit with the fat dog. Her eyes brighten; hoping my gaze is only the beginning of my attentions. It’s another beautiful day in Dana Point. Jon comes home from work and the fat dog wiggles and moans in anticipation of that small act of affection about to be offered. You and I talk on […]

“The Art of Solomon’s Song” by Dr. Staton-Taiwo

and I was a victim of your art that confined Me to a picture frame and made Me feel ashamed of what I was outside the margins of a present not for Me, but the canvas is outstretching and I am moving past the margins of re-creation, and behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, […]

“Colossus” by Brodie Pomper

On March 22, 2007, the sky was a corpse. It was the beautiful rotting corpse of winter. Sprawls of gray and white clouds loomed overhead like the guts and ribs of a dead snake in which I and the other maggots were feasting. We had been crawling around on the earth, blind and flaccid. In […]

“After the Killing” by Julie Cassel

After the killing we drove to Lonestar for fajitas. You ordered the steak; I, the chicken. You took a stab at making me smile with an eight-week-old bullshit joke, carefully raising your fork above the plate, plunging it into my heart. There was a faint pop, a distinct sizzling Everything here okay? It seemed a […]

“The Engagement” by Jennifer Lee Ad

A birth occurs with a sparkle and a shimmer. A lifetime begins, promises held in a brilliant light. Love etched into the edges and hope embedded in the silver of tomorrow. Seven magnificent sparkling jewels of the arctic land, Wrapping two souls in crystal clear embrace. Doubts of the answer vanish in the air, As […]