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Excavation Sites by Ashlee Geib

Four bedrooms and a two-car garage misshapen shrubberies, a decoy goose potted plants from which spring ragged weeds two locks to keep you inside, four locks to keep them out: the final resting place of mother. Site 42: Maytag obelisks in the kitchen held together by Velcro, locks and keys an ice core determines what’s […]

Wednesday Night Training Between Study Sessions by Eric Kennedy

Inviting my students between the ropes, I begin the lesson of ring psychology. We’ve defined face and heel and how to keep the illusion alive like Bloom hiding love letters to keep kayfabe with his menstruating wife. It all starts from the lock-up, intensity comes across in your hyperbole, you are Kinbote and the ring […]

Predictions for a Spin-less Planet by Ben Morgan

In the shadow, they move by human chain and communicate through blood transfusions. They echolocate better daycare centers, where young introverts grow feelers and touch, blushing. But in the sun, they stop saying God bless you to sneezes;  molt their clothes and sear flash camouflage onto thickened skin. They become cold- blooded, forget how to […]