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Librarians by Ashlee Geib (Poetry)

Four knees ground into a burnished red rug audibly groan under the weight of wandering eyes, hands peruse the titles on the bottom shelf of a dimly lit library fondling the spines mouthing the titles— a moan escapes scarlet, pillowy lips.

A Heart and its Home by Matthew Cocco (Poetry)

Discovering love is like playing cops and robbers, hearts chasing those who abducted their feelings-   putting her into custody behind an abandoned ribcage. Thinking love is a Manhattan high-rise filled with red   carpeting, when it’s a nap on the couch with John Williams conducting a symphony of snores in the background.   Mistaking […]

Insomnia and Solo Missions by Zach McCrary

Shaking out the residue of the sleepless night before— a mixture of Mountain Dew, chocolate donuts and music—Caleb moved into the living area of his apartment. It was a pleasant little cove, well maintained by himself and his roommate. The walls were splashed in a cream color, allowing the room to seem more airy than […]

Accidental Observer by J.J. Sheffer

Mid-morning on a weekday I’m supposed to be at work they come to take our leaves– the big, noisy truck sliding slowly along the curb a crew of four burly men in fluorescent yellow vests following close behind like prison guards making sure the long heaps don’t get out of line I watch through the […]

Comfort in the Absence of Light by Sascha Frost

Darkness, how you creep upon me Like ice crystals upon a moist window In wintry air, focusing cool hands on One central point, making me whole. Oh darkness, how you surface at the blink Of an eye, as a faithful puppy awaits The turn of a knob, an ephemeral escape From life’s confounded color scheme. […]

Release the Catch by Douglas Brick

Like a river over rocks, let this ode give you a rush Of cool, crisp, refreshing relief. Too often does a man Fight the current in hopeless pursuit of returning back Over the falls. There is no return up the slope, as Though ice had taken harsh claim to every rocky foothold. Too often have […]


Raindrops could not fall for Grandma. Nor for she who passed at eighteen. I, like brown ears, yearn for those drops. For just one great storm sans  raison. Danced for some but failed one more time. Dry sockets scan skies for any sign. Needing to find relief for this drought.


Rain thundered down, furious thoughts poured through my head. Windows fogging, wipers slashing drops from the windshield. There goes a cop. You won’t stop going the speed of lightening, you won’t pull over. Paramedics might scrape me off the road while nature’s tears wash away the blood. At least I won’t get a ticket.


Playing with my beach toys in Neptune’s meadow digging moats and building castles crisp hot dogs with mustard as spicy as a jellyfish milkshake waiting an hour before swimming The tide sweeps in Sitting in a beach chair watching girls through dark aviator glasses reading paperbacks and laughing with my brother Coppertone, Coppertone, Coppertone The […]


Inside voices worn down to nothing Gapless smiles and city solutions Sipping arsenic from a glass jar Chewing juice dripping stalks. Can you sing the words louder? Can you speak a little slower? Gapless smiles and city solutions. Swimming in melted tundra and swallowing protozoa. Am I an American puppet? Distinct smells and sounds and […]