Penn State York

Submission Guidelines

What kinds of work is Any Other Word looking for?
We request pieces that are creative and inspiring with an astute knowledge of aesthetics, imagery, and powerful language, and an overall understanding of poetic device. We are currently only accepting short story and poetry pieces.

Are there deadlines?
We will post one issue per semester. The deadline for Issue #7  is May 1, 2014.

Are there limitations on the length of submissions? A maximum of five poems per issue are allowed for poetry submissions, and a maximum of six typed pages and one submission are allowed for short story submissions.

Are there limitations on the content of my work?
We want you to write about what matters to you. Political and mature content is allowed, provided it is used appropriately and your work is well written. Please keep in mind we greatly value diversity at Penn State and any discriminatory pieces will be immediately discarded.

Who can contribute to Any Other Word?
We accept work from all current members of the Penn State York community (students, staff, and faculty). All authors retain full copyrights on their works.

Can I submit more than one piece of work at a time or previously published works?
Simultaneous and previously published work will be accepted. If your work has been previously published, please notify us so that we can credit the original publication.

How do I submit my work?
All submissions must be electronic. Please email  submissions to Please submit your work as a separate attachment in a Microsoft Word document with either SHORT STORY or POETRY in the subject line. Keep in mind that the spacing and format of your work will appear on the webpage the way that you’ve submitted it; however, the font may be changed to match the webpage. Please submit your works via your Penn State e-mail address. Submissions received from other e-mail addresses will be immediately discarded.

How long after I’ve submitted will I know whether my work has been accepted?
Since we electronically publish and update works once a year, please allow up to several months for the editorial staff to look over your work and respond via your Penn State e-mail.

What happens if my work does not get chosen for Any Other Word?
If your work is not accepted, please do not take it personally. We encourage you try again.