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Our Staff

The Advising and Career Center (ACC) staff is available to help you find answers to your questions and discuss opportunities for your success. The ACC Web site provides you with useful resources and information. After visiting the Web site, make an appointment to meet with a member of our staff.

Our Mission

The Penn State York Advising and Career Center exists to help our students learn to make the best choices about their academic options and career opportunities. In partnership with faculty and staff, the Advising and Career Center provides students a means of exploring major and career options. We support an advising and career program that provides students with information and counsel that they need, to develop sound educational and professional goals, and to make effective decisions about University programs. We are available to all students and alumni, but are especially concerned with providing direction to students in transition; undecided students and students who are changing from one major to another. We support the academic advising role of the faculty and encourage students to make use of this and all Penn State resources that facilitate the most positive academic experience. Students assume final responsibility for advising and career decisions.

Beginning the summer of the student's first-year and extending beyond graduation, the Advising and Career Center assists students with career-related issues. In partnership with employers and community constituents, we provide students with opportunities to connect with working professionals.

The Advising and Career Center staff provides the following services:
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