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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

December 1 , 2006

Present: Sharon Christ, Katie May, Keisha Jones-McLaurin, John McLucas, Leanne Miller, Bhargav Modi, Joe Royer, Arif Wadood

  1. Reviewed approvals and expenditures for 2006 - 2007. The committee has approved $78,680 in proposals. Actual expense is $42,160.12.
  2. Matt Hoch - requested funding for study abroad to Belize in May, 2007. The total coast per student is $1750 which includes $150 for faculty overhead (faculty trip costs). The committee heavily encourages Dr. Hoch to find other funding for his trip costs rather than charging students to pay his way. Dr. Christ will send a note to Dr. McCormick encouraging the same.
    Requested: $275/student for 12 students=$3,500; changed to $300/student for 12 students.
    Received: $300/student up to ten students.
    Rationale: precedent set by Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica and Guatamala trips at similar costs.
  3. Tennis Team - Requested funding for twelve hooded, zippered Penn State blue sweatshirts to commemorate 10 - 0 season. Students would pay cost of personalization.
    Requested $336.
    Received: $0
    Rationale: SAFcan't fund clothing unless all students have an opportunity to receive it.
  4. Programming Board/WILD - Requested additional funds for spring 2007 WILD funding. Previous request of $3,000 has been the same over the last eight years; however, costs have increased.
    Requested: $5,000.
    Received: $5,000.
    Rationale: Events are open to all students; seek student input for program ideas.
  5. Learning Center/Monica Grigera - Funding to provide funding to current and new Penn State York students to participate in "Effective Learning for College Success Program" for those needed an academic boost. Requested: $250 for 10 students.
    Received: $250.
  6. Kip Trout/Science Department - Funding for the Science and Technology Seminar Series to bring six speakers to the campus. costs include airfare/mileage, per diem, and lodging.
    Requested: $1,950.
    Received: $0.
    Rationale: Precedent set last year and this year of paying for meals for speakers, faculty, and students to allow the latter quality interaction time rather than paying travel. Therefore, the committee awards $12/student up to tenstudents/speaker for a total of $120/speaker for dinner.
  7. Upcoming Meetings:

    • January 19
    • February 2
    • March 2
    • April 6

Next meeting: Friday, January 19, 2007, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.
Proposals are due in the Student Affairs Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the meeting dates.