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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2007

Present: Sharon Christ, Katie May, John McLucas, Bhargav Modi, Joe Royer, and Arif Wadood
Not Present: Keisha Jones-McLaurin, Brett Miller

  1. Committee update: Leanne Miller resigned; Brett Miller resigned; Monica Reese is now a part-time evening student; Keisha Jones-McLaurin is now a Harrisburg student. All committee members will invite replacement students to join the committee. John will check with Dr. Mark Casteel.
  2. The committee reviewed remaining funds: beginning balance: $105,492. As of December 2006, $89,716 had been awarded with $56,910 actually spent.
  3. Christy Botdorf - Requested funding for gas or mileage reimbursement for students attending any University Park sponsored career programs or job fairs.
    Requested: $100.
    Received: $0.
    Rationale: against policy to promote student travel or car pooling. Campus must provide transportation for students, not reimburse them for their own travel.
  4. Brittney Ilyes and Amanda Russell - Requested a banner for Penn State York women's volleyball showing their Eastern Division Championship with a 14-2 record for 2006.
    Requested: $275.
    Received: $0. Supplanting campus funds - this is normally purchased by the athletic department.
  5. Holly Gumke - Requested funding for partial cost of bringing Daughtry (of American Idol fame) to the Pullo Family performing Arts Center. Regualr fee is $35,000 but negotiated fee is $25,000. With these funds, the fee would drop to $15,000 and potentially be covered by ticket sales.
    Requested: $10,000.
    Received: $10,000 (w/1 abstention).
    Rationale: This is a popular group amongst college students and will be open to the entire campus with the previously approved $3,000 going towards reducing Penn State York student ticket coverage to the extent the funds are available.
    The committee asks that the performance date be Thursday 3/22 versus Friday 3/16 which is during spring break. It was agreed that SGA would be responsible for advertising on campus while the Business Office would advertise off campus.
  6. Upcoming Meetings:

    • February 2
    • March 2
    • April 6

Next meeting: Friday, February 2, 2007, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.
Proposals are due in the Student Affairs Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the meeting dates.