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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2007

Present: Sharon Christ, Angie Davis, Joe Royer, Sukhdeep Gill, Andy Landis, Katie May, John McLucas, Bhargav Modi, Anish Patel
Not Present: Arif Wadood

  1. New members who will be joining the committee:  Angie Davis, Sukhdeep Gill, Andy Landis, Anish Patel, Lapiffany Shearin, LaTasha Gilkes.
  2. Reviewed remaining funds:  $100091 has been approved, $70984 has been actually spent leaving approximately $30000.
  3. Self defense awareness program for women which includes a 2-hour educational awareness crime prevention program. 
    Requested:  $67.00. 
    Received:  $67.00. 
    Rationale:  speaks to domestic violence, date rate, and based self-defense.
  4. Trip to Germany in May, 2007. 
    Requested:  $300/student. 
    Received:  $300/student up to 10 students.
    Rationale:  precedent set.  Must do a campus presentation in the fall to receive funding reimbursement.
  5. Holocaust Museum, D.C., February 2007. 
    Requested:  $300. 
    Received:  $300. 
    Rationale:  is the trip really open to all students is 2 classes are already signed up to go?  Also received $300 from Diversity Committee.  Will that drop the cost per student?
  6. American Indian Museum, D.C., April, 2007. 
    Requested:  $252. 
    Received:  $0. 
    Rationale:  this is a mandatory trip for 36 students.  In a 45-passenger bus, that leaves only 9 openings for the remaining student body.  Is this really open to everybody?
  7. Trip to Puerto Rico, July, 2007. 
    Requested:  $4500. 
    Received:  tabled until March meeting.  Committee needs more information - what is the itinerary of the group going?  What is the purpose of the trip?
  8. Upcoming Meetings:

    • March 2
    • April 6

Next meeting: Friday, March 2, 2007, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.
Proposals are due in the Student Affairs Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the meeting dates.