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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2007

Present: Sharon Christ, Angie Davis, Latasha Gilkes, Sukhdeep Gill, Andy Landis, Katie May, John McLucas, Bhargav Modi, Anish Patel, Lapiffany Shearin, Arif Wadood
Not Present: Joe Royer

  1. Reviewed remaining funds: $103710 approved; $73749 actual expenditures; will need to hold back an additional $1500 for decrease in enrollments/estimated income.
  2. Holly Gumke - in January, Holly requested and received funding for partial cost of bringing Daughtry (of American Idol fame) to the PAC. (See January minutes for details). Requested: $10000. Received: $10000. The group is not available during spring 07; therefore, the proposal was withdrawn and anew proposal asking for the same funding to be put toward Lewis Black/comedian. Tickets are normally $49 but with SAF funds, there could be a $20/student discount for up to 250 tickets; the remaining $5000 would be put on hold until ticket sales are evaluated. It was suggested that the $10/student discount that has been in place all year NOT be included in this agreement since it could be considered "double dipping." Requested: $10000 from Daughtry. Received: $10000 (w/1 absentia).
  3. Ann Fetterman - requested 1/2 funds for a microwave for the Learning Center tutors and study groups. Requested: $25. Received $25.
  4. Asian Culture Club - requested funds for Chinese New Year. Funds are no longer needed. Requested: $250. Received: $0
  5. Matt Hoch/GEOSC 40 class trip to Wallops Island - The class requests $65/student for post-trip reimbursement of the course fee of $165 (lodging, meals, administrative/lab fee, transportation). Though this trip appears to be open to all students, it is not obvious that arrangements could be made in excess of the students in the class. Given past practice, the committee voted and passed the funding, 7/yea, 4/nay, 1 absentia. Requested: $65 x 22. Received: $65 x 22. To receive funding, the students will do a campus presentation either during spring 07 or fall 07 when the student community can attend. The topic of class funding will be taken up at the next meeting.
  6. Anthony Rosato - requested funding to build a trebuchet for engineering and physics classes. The committee questions: where is the old trebuchet? how are additional funds being raised - please itemize. and, please itemize costs involved. Requested: $1100. Received: $0; proposal was tabled until further information is received.
  7. Discussion of whether or not to vote in favor of raising the student activity fee for 2007-08. Early indications are that the committee is split - yes, the campus is growing and we need funds to further our commitment to students; no, we haven't yet spent all we have. The discussion will continue at the April meeting.

Next meeting: Friday, April 6, 2007, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.
Proposals are due in the Student Affairs Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the meeting dates.

Agenda: determine what the committee should and should not fund in relation to benefiting the student community the most: class trips/assignments such as GEOSC 40/Wallops Island, Washington DC museums, trebuchet, speaker travel, etc.