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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2008

  1. Budget balance: $60,550
  2. Proposals
    1. Proposal for additional funds for evening programming. Requested: $5,000. Received: $5,000. Discussion: Although the SAF committee approved $5,000 in March, those working on this have found lots of interest in doing evening and weekend programming. It would be aimed at our students living off campus (including 550 Lofts) but would enhance campus life for all students.
    2. Proposal for diversity programming. Requested: $10,000. Received: $10,000. Discussion: This is an annual amount given to the Diversity Committee as a match for the campus' $5,000. The committee would like approval now so they can plan over the summer.
    3. Proposal from Student Programming Board for WILD programming. Requested: $40,000. Received: $40,000. Discussion: This is an annual amount given to the Programming Board to complement the $3,000 in campus funds used to program WILD events and cultural programs. The Programming Committee wants to solidify plans over the summer.
    4. Proposal from Student Affairs for a welcome back picnic on August 25 for all day and evening students, faculty and staff. Requested: $4,000. Received: $4,000. Discussion: To replace the Academic Convocation normally held for only first year students and their families. Matching funds are $4,000 from Student Affairs
    5. Proposal appeal: One student who went on the Italy trip is listed as a Penn State Harrisburg student, carrying 9 credits at Harrisburg and 6 credits at York. In fall, she was listed as a Penn State Harrisburg student, carrying 7 credits at Harrisburg and 9 credits at York. Requested: $400 travel reimbursement. Received: $0. Discussion: Since she was not a York student at the time of the trip, she is not eligible for the $400 travel reimbursement. The SAF committee suggests she approach Penn State Harrisburg for travel funds.
    6. The Student Affairs Office is requesting help in funding an upgrade to the copying services available to the staff as well as student clubs and organizations, and the total student community (if not misused). Requested: $2,000. Received: $2,000. Discussion: The current copier is black and white. The new copier-printer-fax-booklet maker combination does color, collates, folds, and staples. SGA/club computers can be hooked into the printer with material to be copied sent from the computer to the printer. Total cost would be shared between athletics, students affairs, admissions and student activity fee.
    7. Student Government Association will sponsor a group of students on a summer community service trip to New Orleans. Requested: $400/student with a max of 20 students. Received: $400/student for up to 20 students. Discussion: The trip will probably be some time in July or early August. This is in the beginning planning stages and we will be advertising it all over campus and over list serve.