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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2007

Present: Angi Davis, Matthew Dunlap, Nick DeCampo, Jessica Olan, Joe Royer
Unable to attend: Mark Brown, Sharon Christ (voted by discussion prior to meeting), Sukhdeep Gill, Andy Landis (voted by email), Chris Leverette, Camilla Rodriguez, Lapiffany Shearin

  1. Proposal from Heidi Deren for Germany trip during spring break, 2008. Requested: $4500. Received: $400/student for a maximum of 10 students. Discussion: precedent set; if more than 10 students go on the trip, Heidi has the ability to redistribute the funds evenly across all students or resubmit the proposal for additional students.
  2. Proposal from Asian Culture Club to help sponsor a trip to New York City. Requested: $575. Received: $575. Discussion: There is concern that the ACC hasn't participated in SGA meetings. However, this should not prevent them from accessing this money because they are still students. It is strongly recommended that the students give a presentation on their trp. There needs to be HEAVY advertisement that this trip is for ALL students. Make a sign-up sheet available.
  3. Proposal from the Student Affairs Office for PSY parking lot banners. Requested $372. Received: $372. Discussion: 6 banners are needed to replace those that are missing in the student parking lots. The banners aren't really a campus activity but the students thought it was a good idea to show pride in their campus. And there was a precedent to fund these items since they were originally purchased by the committee.
  4. Proposal from Student Government Association for a Holiday Extravaganza. Requested: $1500. Received: $1500. Discussion: Based on the success of the Halloween Party (over 150 students attended with at least 5 clubs involved in the planning & implementation) and by request of students who attended the Party, SGA wants to do a Holiday Extravaganza on December 14.
  5. Proposal from Monica Grigera for the purchase of hand sanitizer in preparation for cold and flu season. Requested: $561. Received: $0 Discussion: Although students should be made aware of the importance of hygiene during cold and flu season, this proposal seems to ask for a lot of money for very little potential impact. It's the right idea but at the wrong scale. Maybe if a smaller quantity of bottles were purchased and made available at different locations to students who want them, interest could be gauged and future initiatives such as this could be funded accordingly.
  6. Proposal from Jennifer Nesibtt for Women's History Month programming. Requested: $550. Received: $300 for student/speaker pizza dinner. Discussion: Providing the pizza to feed the students seems like it appropriate; however, there are too few members of the committee to adequately discuss the legitimacy of the rest of the items. This will be taken up at the December meeting.
  7. Proposal from the athletic department for a new basketball backstop system. Requested: $1800. Received: $1800. Discussion: One of the side baskets in the gym broke 11/5/07. After receiving a repair quote, Kerry Magni, athletic director, accessed two campus funding sources in addition to the student activity fee. A large number of students use the gym for intramural activities, varsity sports, and open gym time.
  8. Proposal by Student Affairs Office for National Non-traditional Student Recognition Week for free lunch and dinner the week of November 5-9. Requested: Requested: $2950. Received: $2950. Discussion: This amounts allows for $5 off lunch and a free soup and sandwich dinner from 4-6 pm in the Lion's Den each day the week of November 5-9. Any non-traditional student is eligible for the meals as well as any traditional student accompanied by a non-trad.

Next meeting: Friday, December 14, 2007,12:00-1:00 p.m. , Community Room.