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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2008

Present: S Christ, A Davis, M Dunlap, S Gill, A Landis, J Olan, C Rodriguez, J Royer, L Shearin
Not present: M Brown, C Leverette

  1. General business Beginning student activity fee balance: $111,112. Mark Brown resigned from the committee given his work and academic schedule. Discussed extending $10 student discount to all PAC tickets priced at $15 or more. Passed. The committee is in need of a student member. Please let Sharon know of any recruits who may be interested.
  2. Proposal from Sandra Staton-Taiwo for Black History Month celebration involving students in her English 139 FYS, students at Smith Junior High School, and the PSY student community with 3 speakers in reviewing literary works, public lectures, and collaboration between college and middle school students. Requested: $1840. Received: $1840. Discussion: open to entire campus community.
  3. Proposal from Barbara Dennis and THON committee to fund 2, 15-passenger vans to go to UP and support the PSY THON dancers. Request was for 2 vans x 3 days. Requested: $402. Received: $402. Discussion: YK students have not attended in the past; the dancers need our support.
  4. Proposal from Sandra Staton-Taiwo and Programming Board for a trip to
    NYC.  Asian Culture Club received $575 from SAF in November for NYC trip to visit Chinatown.  The Programming Board is asking for $6888 for 2 buses plus 40 Broadway tickets.  Staton-Taiwo is asking for $2495 for 1 bus and 40 Broad tickets for The Color Purple. It was decided to combine proposals and ask for 3 buses and 40 Broadway tickets with students paying $5 for the bus only and $40 for the ticket and bus.  Requested:  $7887.  Received:  $7887.
    Discussion:  The three groups will work together to offer one trip that accomplish three goals.

  5. Proposal from Student Affairs to fund computerized off-campus housing system which will allow renters to update their own information and allow rentees to do a renter search. Place-Finder has proposed a 1-year contract, free to the renters/rentees. Requested: $1089. Received $1089. Discussion: new and improved service to students.
  6. Proposal from Student Affairs to fund a 29-passenger bus to transport change-of-location students to UP for the annual Housing Fair. Students pay $5 and guests pay $10. Requested: $1050. Received: $1050.

Next meeting: Friday, February 8, 2008,12:00-1:00 p.m. , Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.

Deadline for proposals: February 1, 2008, in the Student Affairs Office.