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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2008

Present: S Christ, M. Dunlap, A. Landis, C. Leverette, C. Rodriguez, J. Royer, and L. Shearin
Not present: A. Davis, S. Gill, J. Olan

  1. General business
    • Beginning student activity fee balance: $106,350.
    • The committee is in need of a student member. Please let Sharon know of ny recruits who may be interested.
    Please let Sharon know of any recruits who may be interested.
  2. Rewritten proposal from Model UN/LA 296 for funding to attend rinceton Model UN conference. This is a required event for LA296 students and a choice for the Model UN Club. Requested: $4,000. Received: $3,000 at $300/student x 10 students. Discussion: There is evidence of advertising around campus. No further campus funding will be supplied. In lieu of a campus presentation, students will sponsor two Model UN programs - one for high school students and one for college students.
  3. 3. Proposal from Safety and Security Office requesting the release of the previously approved $3,375 for speed bumps on campus. The campus is unable to meet the promised match. However, $234,000 in Pullo grant funds are being used to upgrade the safety of the campus: wireless emergency telephones, additional surveillance cameras, intercom system, hardware on all external doors. Requested: early release of $3,375. Received: approval to release money for one additional speed bump. Discussion: No further funds will be provided without a campus match.
  4. 4. Proposal from the Academic and Career Services and Development Offices for funding for student lunches at the April Career Roundtable. Requested: $805. Received: $805. Discussion: This has been a highly successful program in the past, well attended by students, open to all.
  5. 5. Proposal from SGA for New Orleans recovery trip over spring break. Requested: $3,200. Received: $400/student up to 10 students. Must do presentation to the campus for reimbursement. Discussion: Students will o recovery work in New Orleans school district including painting, setting up libraries, and landscaping. Lodgings will be at St. Vincent Church.

Next meeting: Friday, March 7, 2008,12:00-1:00 p.m., Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center.

Deadline for proposals: Friday, February 29, 2008, in the Student Affairs Office.