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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2008

Present: A. Davis, M. Dunlap, S. Gill, J. Olan, J. Royer, L. Shearin, S. Simonds (for S. Christ)
Not present: A. Landis, C. Leverette, C. Rodriguez

  1. General business
    • Beginning student activity fee balance: $98745.42
    • The committee is in need of a student member.
    Please let Sharon know of any recruits who may be interested.
  2. Proposal from Rauthild Orleth-Diener for funding of transportation to the American Indian Museum in Washington D.C. Requested: $400. Received: $400. Discussion: Precedent set; must advertise and offer the trip to the entire student community.
  3. Proposal from Student Affairs Office for 1/2 the purchase price of new international flags for the campus. Requested: $2,000. Received: $0; proposal was tabled until student input could be collected. Discussion: There is concern that the activity fee is increasingly being used for ampus items vs student items.
  4. Proposal from Todd Gutierrez, student, for Spring Week activities. Requested: $7,000. Received: $7,000. Discussion: This is exactly what student activity fee funds should be used for - the greatest benefit to the students.
  5. Proposal from the Blue and White Society Club for a Battle of the Bands program. Requested: $900. Received: $900 ($400 for labor/$500 for rentals). Discussion: Free admittance for Penn State York students; $5 for all others. Proceeds to be returned to SAF committee. This is exactly what student activity fee funds should be used for ­ the greatest benefit to the students.
  6. Dalynet Torres-Cruz, student, for YWCA Race Against Racism entry fee or students. Requested: $900. Received: $900. Discussion: Precedent set last year. This event draws faculty, staff, and students together in a campus-community event.
  7. Proposal from Monica Grigera for What It Takes to Succeed program for 2007-08. Requested: $640. Received: $640. Discussion: To increase the student benefit of the What It Takes to Succeed lunch, invite LaMar hields, Urban Leadership Institute speaker, to the first lunch of the 2007-08 academic year. Open to all students.
  8. Proposal from Hispanic Student Association for the Justo Lamas concert tickets. Requested: $480 or 40 tickets at $12. Received: $360 or 40 tickets at $9. Discussion: PAC ticket reduction is set at $10/student for any program over $15. Committee decided that the $14 tickets could receive a prorated reduction of $5 with students paying the difference.
  9. Proposal from Lion Ambassadors for Hershey Park tickets. Requested: $1,275. Received: $1,275 which is 1/2 the cost of 100 tickets at 25.50/full price ticket. Discussion: LA must take orders and then buy the tickets versus buying 100 tickets and trying to sell them.
  10. Proposal from Heidi Deren for funds for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's presentation of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. Requested: $400. Received: $400 as a $10 reduction/ticket. Discussion: Open to all students.

Next meeting: Friday, April 11, 2008,12:00-1:00 p.m., location to be announced.

Deadline for proposals: Friday, April 4, 2008, in the Student Affairs Office.