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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2008

Present: Sharon Christ, M Dunlap, Andy Landis, Jess Olan Camilla Rodriguez, Joe Royer
Not present: Angi Davis, Sukhdeep Gill, Chris Leverette, Lapiffany Shearin

  1. Discussion of proposed facility fee at $50/semester/student beginning fall 2008. SGA did a survey showing that out of 68 students, 54 were ok with up to a $50 fee for such things as renovating the student community building, gym, weigh room, Lion's Den, sports fields. Jess feels that it's being pushed down our throats; however, we need to participate if we want to keep up with the other campuses and their facilities. CCSG will be discussing this issue at their weekend meeting.
  2. Balance in the student activity fee fund: $83575.57.
  3. Proposal from Student Affairs Office for 1/2 the purchase price of new international flags for the campus. Requested: $2,000. Received: $0; proposal was tabled until student input could be collected. Discussion: There is concern that the activity fee is increasingly being used for ampus items vs student items.
  4. Tabled proposal: International flags. Requested: $2000. Received: $2000. Discussion: SGA did a survey showing that students are interested in having the flags and have, in fact, requested flags from five countries that are not currently hanging.
  5. Current proposals:
    1. Student Affairs Office requested funding to hire a part time person to work evenings in the RSCC to promote evening programs that encourage students to stay on campus and hang out in the student center. Requested: $7000 for wages and $5000 for programming. Received: $7000 for wages and $5000 for programming. Discussion: With the increase in students from outside the area moving into rental units, there needs to be more evening activity offered including study space, Game Room, gym, Fitness Center, programming such as intramurals, evening dinner hours, game nights, etc.
    2. Todd Gutierrez/SGA requested funding for a Blue and White Party on April 18 to celebrate PSU pride. Requested: $2000. Received: $2000. Discussion: Free and open to all students.
    3. Roderick Bell/550 Lofts requested funding for a Flashback Retro Party in conjunction with the Revolution Weekend Celebration. Requested: $500. Received: $500. Discussion: 550 Lofts would like to cosponsor a party at the roller rink. They've rented the rink; PSY is providing the food.
    4. Kerry Magni/Athletic department requested funding to refinish the gym floor. Requested: $3600. Received: $1800. Discussion: a) Funding to refurbish university property should not fall solely on the shoulders of the students. b) SAF policy does not allow general refunds to be replaced by SAF funds for three years. SAF paid $500 for last summer's refurbishing and agrees to pay half of this year's. This $1800 can either be in place of the $1800 not used for the basket backstop in the fall or in addition to that $1800 if the original money will in fact be sued for the backstop.

Next meeting: Friday, May 2, 2008,12:00-1:00 p.m., 101MCB. Proposals due by 5:00 p.m., April 25, 2008.