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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

September 14 , 2007

Present: Sharon Christ, Angi Davis, Nick Decampo, Matthew Dunlap, Sukdeep Gill, Andy Landis, Chris Leverette, Jess Olan, tJoe Royer
Unable to attend: Lapiffany Shearin

  1. Introductions. An additional student member is needed. Please recruit.
  2. Reviewed the Student Activity Fee Handbook, overview of how the committee works, days, dates, times of meetings, historical perspective.
  3. No fund report was available.
  4. Proposals
    1. Bill VanGreen: speed bumps - seeking 1/2 funding from last year to match with campus monies and purchase 3 additional speed bumps. One would be in front of the MCB and the two others would be in the student lots between Springdale and Irving. Requested: $3375. Received: $3375. Discussion: the current speed bumps are working and deterring speeding.
    2. Matt Hoch: support travel expenses for the PSY Science and Technology Seminar Series. Requested: $1950. Received: $1950. Discussion: precedent set with successful programs last year and highest student attendance ever; "leftover" funds to be used for students being able to have dinner with speakers.
    3. Matt Hoch: support Tropical Rivers to Reef Program in Belize during spring break, 2008. Requested: $4800. Received: $0 Discussion: This was tabled until details on a campus presentation for the spring 07 trip could be learned. Since that time, we have been told the presentation would be on or before October 5, 2007. This will be reviewed at the October meeting.
    4. Scott Simonds: Programming Board support for WILD programs and the cultural/performing arts series. Requested: $35000. Received: $30000. Discussion: programs are well received as evidenced by the packed Lion's Den the week of August 27-31. The committee asked for a detailed list of expenditures.
      03/29/2007 WILD 1,200.00
      03/29/2007 WILD 925.00
      03/29/2007 WILD 1,200.00
      03/12/2007 WILD 999.00
      03/02/2007 CUL/PERF ARTS 2,000.00
      02/02/2007 WILD 1,325.00
      02/02/2007 WILD 925.00
      01/15/2007 WILD 1,450.0
      11/21/2006 WILD 1,075.0
      11/15/2006 WILD 1,535.0
      10/26/2006 WILD 1,535.0
      10/26/2006 WILD 925.0
      10/23/2006 WILD 1,200.0
      10/04/2006 WILD 925.0
      10/04/2006 WILD 735.0
      10/04/2006 WILD 775.0
      10/03/2006 WILD 1,100.0
      09/15/2006 WILD 825.0
      09/06/2006 WELCOME WEEK 1,325.00
      09/06/2006 WELCOME WEEK 4,100.00
      09/06/2006 WELCOME WEEK 1,400.00
  5. Items to be discussed from last year at the October meeting:
    • Future funding of class trips.
    • Future funding of international trips.

Next meeting: Friday, October 12, 12:00-1:00 p.m. , Community Room.