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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2009

Present: Rohan Chitalia, Sharon Christ, Krupali Desai, Matthew Dunlap, Todd
Gutierrez, Kashmeera Kundargi, Andy Landis, Rosemery Liriano, Joe Royer,
and Husing Vang

Not Present: Chris Leverette

Guest: Scott Simonds

  1. Budget information as of February 13, 2009
    Budgeted Encumbered Actual spent Balance
    $178,418 $7,320 $78,480.86 $92617.14
  2. Proposal withdrawal: January proposal from Noel Sloboda and Scott Simonds for a National Poetry Month celebration in April 2009 was withdrawn - to be considered for April 2010.
  3. Proposals
    1. Heidi Deren/van trip to Holocaust Museum and Freer Gallery of Art. Requested: $450. Received: $450. Discussion: Precedent set for student trips open to the campus community. The Student Activity Fee (SAF) committee will pay for a bus if the two, fifteen-passenger vans max out.
    2. Heidi Deren/Germany trip in May 2009. Requested: $6,000. Received: $4,000. Discussion: Precedent set for $400/student for up to ten students. If more than ten students go, $4,000 can be distributed however Deren chooses. It was suggested that the SAF committee review the ten student maximum in 2009-10.
    3. Scott Simonds/student fees for the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) conference. Requested: $1,000. Received: $1,000. Discussion: it is mandatory to take one student to the conference to help select campus programming for 2009-10. It is preferred that three – four students attend for the experience of showcasing and working with the performers next year.
    4. Advising and Career Center/computer monitors and printer replacement. Requested: $525. Received: $0. Discussion: Supplanting-current equipment supplied by the University. IT department will replace at University expense.
    5. Monica Grigera/speaker costs for Carolos Ojeda on "Leadership and Empowerment ." Requested: $750. Received: $750. Discussion: Relevant speaker and topic for all students. He will speak at lunch and dialogue at dinner with food provided by the Penn State York Diversity Committee.
    6. Advising and Career Center/video camera to tape mock interviews. Requested: $210. Received: $105. Discussion: It was determined that this is a department related University service. Committee asks for matching funds.
    7. Student Government Association (SGA)/Spring Week activities. Requested: $8,000. Received: $8,000. Discussion: Precedent set. Events are open to the entire campus community.
    8. Dianne Creagh/Women's History Month programming centering on Women and Politics. Requested: $750. Received: $750. Discussion: Topic is relevant and timely; good to involve the local community. Good to showcase women. Sharon Christ will work with Creagh to charge expenses to appropriate line items.
    9. BSU/trip to two museums in Baltimore. Requested: $750. Received: $750. Discussion: The committee will pay whatever appropriate transportation is used and asks that the funds be used in the most beneficial manner. It was suggested that if less than ten students sign up, consider car pooling. If ten – twenty-four sign up, consider using vans. If more than twenty-four sign up (1/2 bus), take a bus.
    10. Advising and Career Center/career networking event food. Requested: $805. Received: $5/person x 115 estimated participants: $575. Discussion: Committee asks for matching funds or $2/person charge to help with costs.
    11. SGA/various categories of activities including programming ($800), publications ($450), communications ($60), events ($2,000), and travel.($1,740). The $1,740 was reduced to $740 by the SGA president, Rohan Chitalia at the start of the meeting. Requested: $5,950. Received: Tabled. Discussion: The committee asks for detailed information as to how the money will be spent. SGA will meet with Sharon to supply details which will then be emailed to the committee for decision.
    12. Model United Nations (UN) Club/PA State United Nations Conference. Requested: $446. Received: $446. Discussion: Precedent. Good sharing of expenses between SAF, club funds, and personal resources.

Next meeting: Friday, March 20, 2009 12:00 p.m., room 106 Main Classroom Building.

Deadline for proposals: March 13, 2009. (Change in dates due to spring break)