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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2009

Present: Sharon Christ, Krupali Desai, Matthew Dunlap, Todd Gutierrez, Andy Landis, Joe Royer, and Husing Vang

Not present: Matt Sutton, Chris Leverette, Rosemery Liriano, and Kashmeera Kundargi

  1. New Business
    1. $69,283 balance (5/1/09)

    2. Proposal to increase fee to $54/64/74.  Voted and passed to keep the fee at the lowest level, $54/student/semester.
    3. Discussed University Park's Student Activity Fee Board (SAFB) vote re: lump sum funding for CCSG at 1 percent of each campus' SAF funds. YK Student Activity Fee Committee voted against this. CCSG funding does not meet the spirit of the fee as outlined in the SAF Handbook - even with the recent revision passed by the UP SAFB.

  2. Proposals
    1. Advising and Career Center/Dina Wulinsky - funds for three, fifteen- passenger vans for Fall Career Days on September 15 -17 at University PARK. Requested: $1,350. Received: $675. Discussion: SAF paid half; other half needs to come from the department, campus, or students.

    2. Pullo Center/Tina Rohrbach - continued funds for $20 off ticket subsidies where ticket prices exceed $25. Requested: $6,000. Received: $6,000. Discussion: precedent set; open to all students.

    3. Student Affairs Office/Sharon Christ - funds for "Journey to Womanhood" performance and talk-back, April 30, 2009. Requested: $300. Received: $300.  Discussion:  Women's issues program, community outreach, funds for refreshments from YWCA/QOP program.

    4. Athletics/Kerry Magni - funds for outdoor bleachers for alongside tennis courts. Requested: $788.  Received: $0. Discussion: Not for the greater good of the students, not requested from students, why tennis and not other sports? Events aren't publicized and student don't know the team is even playing. There is more evidence of interest in soccer. Recommend that this be proposed to the Student Facility Fee Committee.

    5. Fitness Center/Kerry Magni - funds for new athletic equipment for student fitness center. Requested:  $5,468. Received $5,468. Discussion: evidence of a lot of student use.

    6. Puerto Rico trip for graduate students/Dixie Winters - partial funding for tengraduate students in the master of education in teaching and curriculum to participate in the Hispanic/Latino summer experience:  Culture, language, pedagogy. Requested: $4,000. Received: $4,000 for Penn State York students only. Discussion: as with other trips, must be offered to all graduate students, must be YK (not CL) students, must do presentation to campus community in the fall.

    7. New Student Orientation (NSO) & First Year Experience (FYE)/Sharon Christ - funds for a new program combining NSO and FYE and connecting faculty with primarily new students during the summer  by offering an out-of-class activity of the faculty choosing at the date/time/place of their choice, for as long as they would like. Requested: $1,000. Received: $1,000. Discussion: approve now, spend out of SAO budget and get reimbursed in the fall from SAF.

    8. Development/Iona Conlon - funds for current veterans to attend an alumni breakfast during the "White Out" at the Revolution weekend.  Requested: $576.  Received:  $576.  Discussion:  good first attempt to involve our current adult, vets; most likely will not use full funding.

    9. Fitness Center/Dean Femera - funds for new stereo system for the center. Requested: $100. Received:  $100. Discussion: old system is really bad; high student use of Fitness Center is evident.

    10. ISTC renovation/IST class including A. Jamison, A. Howard, A. Escobar, C. Cook, C. Miller, D. Dimitrov, J. Bacigulupa, P. Rascovsky, and S. Flynn - funds for ISTC student use areas renovation. Requested: $44,500.  Received: Will work out funding between SAF and SAF and between 2008-09 and 2009-10 funding years. Discussion: student use areas in the MCB, PAC, and Lion's Den have been renovated over the last five years. The ISTC areas are seventeen years old.

    11. Late night breakfast/Todd Eicker - funds for late night breakfast during finals week. Requested: $250. Received: $250. Discussion: A nice thing to offer during finals, open to all students.

Next meeting: Friday, May 1, 2009 12:00-1:00 p.m., Room 106 Main Classroom Building, if needed.