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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2008

Present: S Christ, K Desai, M Dunlap, T Gutierrez, K Kundargi, R Liriano, J Olan, J Royer, Not Present: A Landis, C Leverette, H Vang

  1. General business
    1. Introduction of all members
    2. Overview of the Student Activity fee Handbook and "running tally sheet."

  2. Proposals
    1. Nittany Success Center/Cora Dzubak - funding for tutor orientation training and for continued training throughout the year given a decrease in Perkins funds.
      Requested: $3217.50 Received: $2574

      Discussion: cannot pay for retroactive activities (August orientation training); serves entire campus.

    2. ACC & Blue and White Society/Dina Wulinsky and Iona Conlon - funding for student attendance at Wake Up with a Roar breakfast and Career Roundtable Luncheon.
      Requested:$1241.25 Received: $1066.25

      Discussion: lower breakfast costs (can get eggs/toast/sausage at Lion's Den for $3.50), approved amount includes lunch forpresenters. What advertising is the Alumni Society paying for?

    3. SGA and Todd Gutierrez - funding to purchase a die cutter for more creative poster publicity.
      Requested: $500 Received: $500

      Discussion: promotes creativity, available for club as well as individual student use for classroom projects (providing students provide own paper).

    4. Cecilia Hedyl-Cortinez - funding for winter break trip to Guatemala.
      Requested: $400/student x 10 students
      Received: $400/student x 10 students

      Discussion: Precedent set; must advertise and offer the trip to the entire student community.

    5. Student Affairs/Scott Simonds - funding to bring the Willow Ship ice ream truck from Sweet Willows Creamery and offer free ice cream.
      Requested: $1800 Received: $1800

      Discussion: Free ice cream to all students is a great idea!

    6. Athletics/Don Walker and Scott Simonds - funding for scorer's table including custom graphics.
      Requested: $1250 Received: $0

      Discussion: the committee did not see a use for this 225 lb table outside of athletics. The feeling was that the appropriate PSY table cover that is currently housed in Admissions can be used on the tables.

    7. Pullo Center/Scott Simonds - funding for $10/ticket discount for all students for all performances.
      Requested: $3000 Received: $3000

      Discussion:must first use $1700 balance from 200708; committee suggests an increase to $20/ticket discount for tickets that are $25 or more students should pay at least $5.

    8. Student Affairs/Sharon Christ - funding for National Non-traditional Student Recognition Week 11/2-9, 2008 to include free tickets to the Gin Blossoms concert on 11/8, "Take an Adult Student to Lunch" $6 tickets, and free evening "grab and go" dinner in MCB.
      Requested: $1726 Received: $1725

      Discussion: outreach to adultstudents is good.

    9. Student Activities/Sharon Christ - funding for mandatory liability insurance.
      Requested:$4233 Received:$4233

      Discussion: this is mandatory insurance that covers all clubs and organizations at all campuses. Cost is based on enrollments.

    10. Student Affairs/Sharon Christ - funding for transfer trip to University Park to tour campus/town and look at on and off campus housing options.
      Requested: $1480 Received:$900

      Discussion: PSY students go and eat lunch free; non-PSY students pay bus ($10) and lunch ($10) costs.

Next meeting: Friday, October 10, 2008 12:00-1:00 PM, room 106 MCB.

Deadline for proposals: October 3, 2008 in the Student Affairs Office.