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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2010

Present: Sharon Christ, Kelsey Kman, Andy Landis, Joe Royer, guest Renee Sefton, Husing Vang, and Jill Verdier

Not Present: Krupali Desai, Matthew Dunlap, Kiran Mody, and Gabriella Santini

  1. Welcome
    1. 2009-10 Budget balance on February 15, 2010: $82,484; all
      fall semester bills have been paid including $10,000+ in ticket subsidies to the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center
  2. Proposals
    1. Asian Culture Club - partial funding for Chinese New Year celebration on February 26, 2010. Requested: $650. Received: $450. Discussion: Full costs are $1,250 with $600 coming from Campus Diversity Committee. Club needs to support their own event with a minimum of $200. Great event and open to all students.

    2. Black History Month - partial funding for motivational speaker Meshelle Shields at How To Succeed Lunch. Requested: $250. Received $250. Discussion: Full costs are $720 including lunch with $250 coming from Campus Diversity Committee and lunch expenses being covered by the Student Affairs office. Event is open to all students.

    3. Power Lifting Club - funding for participation by twelve members in the National Power Lifting Competition on March 26-27, 2010, in Philadelphia. Requested $2,331. Received: $150/person x up to twelve participants = $1,800. Discussion: Club needs to support their food and transportation.

    4. Dr. Sandra Staton-Taiwo/English classes - funding for attendance at the Flower Collegiate Poetry Summit at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, on March 18-20. Requested: $3,088 or $1,509 depending on participation. Received: $1,581. Discussion: Full costs are $3,743 for 28 students including transportation, registration, and lodging. $1,581 is coming from Campus Diversity Committee with the potential of $500 in academic research funds. This leaves $56.50 for each of 28 students to pay for a three-day conference.

    5. Kristin Cole/Etiquette Dinner - funding for etiquette dinner on March 26 with speaker Lynne Breil/The Professional Edge, Inc. Requested: $985 w/$200 refund = $785. Received: $985 with expectation of $200 refunded to SAF. Discussion: good program, open to campus community; students are already talking about it. A suggestion for next year is to team up with the Information Sciences and Technology Department and offer a joint dinner thus paying one presenter versus two.

Next meeting: March 19, 2010 12:00 p.m., Room 106, Main Classroom Building Proposals due: March 12, 2010.