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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2010

Present: Sharon Christ, Krupali Desai, Matthew Dunlap, Kelsey Kman, Andy Landis (in absentia), Kiran Mody, Joe Royer, and Jill Verdier

Not Present: Gabriella Santini, Husing Vang

  1. Welcome
    1. 2009-10 Budget balance on March 19, 2010:  $73,646.
  2. Who can serve in 2010-11?
    1. Jill Verdier, Matt Dunlap, Joe Royer, Kelsey Kman, and Sharon Christ
  3. Proposals
    1. THON – funding for campus dinner to meet THON families, the Hills and the Hagens on/around April 23.  Requested:  $425.  Received:  $425. Rationale:  open to the entire campus community with matching resources from THON students.

    2. Lion Ambassadors – funding for half price on Hershey Park tickets.  Total ticket = $30.  Requested:  $4,200 for 300 half price tickets.  Received:  $4,200.  Rationale:  program has been growing through the years and is open to the entire campus community w/matching funds.
    3. Spring Week – funding for day and evening activities for Spring Week.  Requested:  $8,000.  Received:  $8,000.  Rationale:  precedent set; open to the entire campus community.

    4. Student Activities – funding for 2010-11 WILD programs.  Requested:  $40,000.  Received:  $40,000.  Rationale:  precedent set; open to the entire campus community. 

    5. Student Activities – funding for New Student Orientation and Welcome Week activities.  Requested:  $8,000.  Received:  $8,000.  Rationale:  precedent set; Welcome Week activities open to entire campus community.
    6. Lion Ambassadors – funding for Blue & White Ball on April 30 to promote school spirit and unity.  Requested:  $400.  Received:  $400.  Rationale:  open to entire campus community.
    7. Athletics – funding for sanding/refinishing of gym floor.  Requested:  $3,000.  Received:  $0.  AD asks that it be withdrawn if full funding not available.  Rationale:  Gym is used for academics, athletics, recreation, outside groups, open to all students.  Cost of refinishing should be shared with all those groups.
    8. Powerlifting Club – funding for outdoor party to celebrate winning the Nationals.  Requested:  $500.  Received:  $250.  Rationale:  great idea but plans do not appear to be well thought out; will be hard to market and get attendance up. 
    9. Cultural Anthropology class – funding for transportation to the American Indian Museum in Washington DC.  Requested:  $902.  Received:  $667.  Rationale:  students pay $5 to offset cost x 47 passenger bus = $235.  Must be advertised and open to entire campus community.
    10. Advising and Career Center – funding for one van for three days of Career Fairs at University Park in September, 2010.  Requested:  $675.  Received:  $675.  Rationale: 
    11. Commencement Committee – funding for Commencement reception.  Requested:  $2,000.  Received:  $0.  Rationale:  Too much money for the benefit of a majority of the audience, i.e. non-students; no other commencement attended by members have food; good idea to do something for the graduates but not for the public (families/friends); most graduates go out to dinner following commencement.
  4. Discussion of possible funding of transportation for Capital Day on April 20.  There are currently ten students signed up; they will car pool.  If more interest is shown, may rent bus.  Will decide via e-mail about school bus versus coach and percemtage of seats that need to be full before reserving.

No further meetings for the 2009-10 academic year. Thank you to all committee members!