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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2009

Present: Sharon Christ, Matthew Dunlap, Andy Landis, Joe Royer, Matt Sutton,  Husing Vang, and intern Renee Senft

Not present: Krupali Desai, Todd Gutierrez, Rosemery Liriano, and Kashmeera Kundargi

  1. Welcome to new and returning members
    1. 2009-10 beginning balance including carry forward:  $127,481; balance on September 3, 2009:  $106,035

  2. Proposals
    1. Nittany Success Center - funds for ten-week tutor training sessions plus six Success Mini-Workshops w/lite lunch. Requested: $3217.50.  Received: $3217.50. Discussion: available to all students; services the campus population.

    2. Lee R. Glatfelter Library - funds for book pocket in the front inside cover of every Student Handbook and planner with a library card insert to be stamped and exchanged for a free refreshment at The Bistro or Lion's Den. Requested: $450-$1,125 for refreshment. Received: $1,125.  Discussion: available to all students.

    3. Monica Grigera - Hispanic Heritage Month speaker fee for Jenee Alicia Chizick. Requested: $250. Received: $250. Discussion: diversity related; all students can benefit.

    4. English Department - student attendance at the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Philadelphia at a reduced rate. Requested:  $434 for up to thirteen students. Received:  a minimum of $434. Discussion: must advertise to entire campus in the event that
      >undecided students want to attend. SAF will pay for bus if necessary.

    5. German Department - funds to travel to Germany over semester break.  Requested: $4,000. Received: $4,000. Discussion: precedent set; $400/student up to 10 students. Must do presentation to receive funds.

    6. Student Affairs - funds for National Adult Learner Week, Novermber 2 - 6. Funds for "Take an Adult Learner to Lunch at $5/person x 100 students. plus free PAC ticket to any November or December performance at $39 max x 100 students.  Requested:  $4,400.  Received:  $4,400.

    7. Blue & White Society, Advising and Career Center, Alumni and Development - funds for Career Networking Evening on October 6 including lunch for students and alumni career professionals. Requested:  $503.75. Received: $503.75. Discussion: precedent set.

Next meeting: Friday, October 9, 2009 12:00-1:00 p.m., Room 103 Main Classroom Building, if needed.