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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2009

Present: Matthew Sutton, Jason Kilmer, Husing Vang, Renee Senft, Joe Royer, Matthew Dunlap, Rosemary Liriano, and Krupali Desai

Not present: Sharon Christ, Todd Guiterrez, Kashmeera Kundargi, and Andy Landis

  1. New Business
    1. 2009-10 Budget balance on September 3, 2009, of $106,035

  2. Proposals (Twelve Proposals: Nine Approved, Two Denied, Two Tabled) (Approximate total $21,124.90)
    1. Sandra L. Staton-Taiwo – Funds for bus to take forty-eight students to West Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, to commemorate 150th Anniversary of John Brown's Raid. Requested: $632.50; Received: $632.50. Discussion: Available to all students; educational.

    2. Drama Club – Funds to send twenty students to “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Requested: $400; Received: $400. Discussion: Need to figure out how much students must pay in regards to amount funded; needs to provide more information for future reference.

    3. Monica Grigera – Funds for 250 alcohol-based hand cleaners. Requested: $217.50; Received: $0. Discussion: Not wise to have 250 individual bottles; past request still denied; will contact in regards to having standing sanitizers around campus instead.

    4. Nittany Catwalk/ Evening Programming – Funds for an evening Homecoming dance. Requested: $500; Received: $500. Discussion: exactly what SAF funds are to be used for.

    5. Model United Nations (UN): Funds for national conference in New York. Requested: $4,497.51; Received: $200. Discussion: Incorrect calculations; won’t fund food or individual delegates fees. Delegations fee for school ($200) will be provided due to date needed (Oct. 15); accommodations, travel, and delegation fee most likely accepted but correct numbers need to be presented; asking for any matching funds.

    6. Ann Fetterman – Funds for campus Outreach Activities covering food, speakers, etc. Requested: $300; Received: $300. Discussion: Good idea; what SAF funds are meant for.

    7. Powerlifting Team – Funds to attend WNPF World International Championship in New Jersey. Requested: $1,892.40; Received: $1,792.40. Discussion: Helps support Power Lifting Team; won’t cover safety gear (personal expense $100); Uniforms MUST stay with Penn State York

    8. Jean Marie St. Claire-Christman – Funds to send twelve students to Building Strong Families conference at Messiah College. Requested: $360; Received: $300. Discussion: students must pay some portion toward conference (students to pay $5, SAF funds $25 out of $30 entry fee per student)

    9. Suzanne Flinchbaugh – Funds for five students going on Paris trip in December/January. Requested: $2,000; Received: $2,000. Discussion: Held same precedent of $400 per student on foreign trips.

    10. Sharon Christ – Funds for continuing psychologists counseling services. Requested: $15,000; Received: $15,000. Discussion: discussion of funds for filing cabinet but still passed (need to review deeper if this is counted as personal expenses); Passed previously.

    11. Dean Femera – Funds for new properly calibrated weight set for weight room. *Voted to be tabled unto next meeting and pending on further information* Discussion: Need matching funds; is this a dire matter that needs to be resolved? ; More information needed.

    12. Kerry Magni – Funds for a new treadmill in the fitness center. Requested: $4,899.00; Received: $0. Discussion: Not desperately needed; based off previous information (via Powerlifting Team) current treadmill not currently used often; cost too extreme; still have at least one working treadmill.

Next meeting: Friday, May 13, 2009 12:00-1:00 p.m., Room 106 Main Classroom Building, if needed.