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Student Activity Fee Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2009

Present: Sharon Christ, Krupali Desai, Matthew Dunlap, Andy Landis, Jacob Moore (guest), Joe Royer, Renee Senft (guest), Matthew Sutton, and Husing Vang

Not present: Todd Gutierrez, Kashmeera Kundargi, and Gabrielle Santini

  1. New Business
    1. 2009-10 Budget balance on November 9, 2009: $128,849

  2. Proposals
    1. Jacob Moore/Biology Club - funds for a fifteen-passenger van to go to the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Requested: $315. Received: $315. Discussion: precedent set; will be open to campus and SAF will fund second van if necessary.

    2. Kerry Magni/Fitness Center - funds for treadmill. Requested: $4,899. Received: $0. Discussion: Did not attend meeting as announced (later learned she had to teach), currently have two treadmills in Center although they are never being used at the same time; one is broken. Committee prefers to get an estimate for fixing the broken treadmill versus paying $4,899 for a new one this year unless there is overwhelming evidence of student support and use.

    3. Ann Fetterman/Diversity Committee - funds for a trip to New York City (NYC) during fall break primarily for the out-of-state and international students who will remain in town. Requested: $1,450. Received: up to $1,765. Discussion: It was determined that a second trip to Philadelphia that same week for the same purpose needed to be funded. Therefore $1,450 was approved for NYC and $315 to rent a van for Philadelphia. Students pay $10/$5 respectively.

    4. Jason Kilmer/Student Affairs - funds for Snowball III at Heritage Hills. Tickets are $40/person. Requested: $500. Received: $1,500. Discussion: $30/student SAF and $10/student personal funds. Discussion: with Penn State budget cuts, Student Affairs Office does not have the department funds requested. $40/ticket includes all day snow tubing, all day buffet and evening concert.

    5. Todd Eicker/Admissions - funds for late night breakfast during finals week. Requested: $250. Received: $250. Discussion: precedent set; open to every student on campus.

    6. Ann Fetterman – Larry Newcomer/Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Department - funds for Etiquette Dinner for seniors. Requested: $1,850. Received: $12/non-IST student x 60 students. Discussion: precedent; very successful activity, open to all students.

    7. Colin McCullough/Student Global Initiative - funds for board attendance in Virginia Beach. Requested: $300. Received: gas money versus mileage. Discussion: less expensive while reaching the same goal ie paying for transportation; group is not a recognized club; minimum of three students must commit.

    8. Colin McCullough/Model United Nations (UN) - funds to attend conference in New York City. Requested: $4,121. Received: $200/student up to twelve students + $200 delegation fee for total of $2,600. Discussion: SAF is paying over half the costs; the remaining costs need to be covered by student resources including fund raising. Model UN Club must do a campus activity upon return. Final cost reconciliation will be done with Student Affairs

Next meeting: Friday, December 4, 2009 12:00 p.m., Room 107 M.S. Grumbacher Information Sciences and Technology Center