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10/02/15 Annual Penn State York pumpkin carving day

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Date Received
2015-10-02 20:13:04
Coffee Hour
Student Sponsor
Hao Li
Student E-mail Address
Contact Name
Sheri Yoder
Contact Email
Event Title
Coffee Hour
Event Date
October 29, 2015
Beginning Time
Time Ending
Amount Requested
Total Event Cost
Pumpkin carving has been an annual tradition on the York campus for several years. In the past pumpkins were donated, but this year a donor has not been found (most likely because we need so many). We want to see this tradition continue and we plan to also expand it a little. This event will be for students to learn about the history of Halloween and All Saint’s Day. While they learn about the history, they can enjoy carving pumpkins, eating apple and pumpkin snacks, playing games and enjoying fall atmosphere.
Itemized Request
Pumpkins 100 @ $1.25 = $125

Decorations $20.00 (will be reused)

Trifold presentation boards 6 @ $8.00 = $48.00 (will be saved for future years)

Foods made from pumpkin $50.00

Plastic table protectors 10 @ $1.00 = $10.00
Itemized Matching Funds
Diversity will provide hot drinks, paper products and utensils.  $30.00 Diversity owns pumpkin carving tools that are reused each year. International Student funds will allot $50.00 for this activity.
Open to all Campus?
The way we plan to get students involved is to advertise the event around campus. Coffee Hour is a regular Thursday event on campus so students know about it. We will just show them that this coffee hour is a special event with an extra special activity.
# of Students Benefit
We expect about 100 students. Two years ago over 50 people carved pumpkins. Last year there were about 70. We predict that the number will increase again, so we want to plan for 100.
Enhance PSY
Halloween is very commercialized so we would like to provide information to students on the rich history of Halloween and the variety of ways it is celebrated around the world. We will have poster presentations about the history of American Halloween and how different cultures celebrate Halloween and/or All Saint’s Day.
Desired Outcomes
This holiday, like many others, draws from pagan and religious traditions from other countries. Rather than just carving pumpkins, this activity can turn into an opportunity for domestic and international students to explore their traditions and see the similarities and differences in an enjoyable setting.

Pumpkin carving has been done for several years but we would like to expand the experience. We have talked to Mrs. Yoder about adding to what she already does and she is excited about us contributing to her activity. She will help us recruit students from different backgrounds to make posters.
As an international student who is helping with Coffee Hour activity in York campus, I would really like to see the successful interaction and communication among the diver ethnics of students in the campus.
Accept Partial Funding?

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Amount Approved

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$203.00 Open 516