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12/18/14 THON

Proposal Details

Date Received
2014-12-18 11:50:28
Penn State York THON
Student Sponsor
Yacayra Morales
Student E-mail Address
Contact Name
Barb Dennis
Contact Email
Event Title
Penn State York THON
Event Date
Febuaray 20-22
Beginning Time
Friday, Febuaray 20, 2015
Time Ending
Sunday, Febuaray 22, 2015
Amount Requested
Total Event Cost
This funding would be to allow PSY students to attend THON and support our campus's dancers. THON raises money for kids battling cancer at Hershey Medical Center. Last year THON raised over $10,686,924.83 million dollars! It is often said that THON is on of the trademark activities of being a Penn State student. Through this, PSY students can participate in the largest student run philanthropy in the world! Anyone who has been to THON can testify that there is no way to explain THON and put it into words- you just have to experience it!
Itemized Request
6 hotel rooms x $175/night x 2 nights (plus 1 room for Sunday night, that now we are required to have as safety) = $2,438.07 allow for a place for students to sleep. The room rates in State College have increased significantly since last year at all hotels.

$50 gas/car x 8 cars = $400, instead of taking a bus, we have found it is easier for students to drive themselves in order to have transportation to and from the hotel in different shifts. Depending on the number of students who attend this cost could be lower. We want to make sure any student who wants to attend THON from PSY is given the chance!
Itemized Matching Funds
Open to all Campus?
THON is open to all students to attend. We will publicize THON to the student body through, posters, emails, news releases, Facebook, Twitter, and the Stall Street Journal. The students will need to complete necessary paperwork through student affairs, just as THON members do.
# of Students Benefit
Enhance PSY
Because THON is a Penn State tradition and has donated over 100 million dollars back to the community since its began, our attendance shows we are involved in community service. Prospective students can see how to get involved at PSY and also be part of an organization which is known all over the country. THON is a positive event and the publicity surrounding it is a wonderful way to attract attention to PSY
Desired Outcomes
We hope that students who attend THON will have a better understanding of how the money we raise impacts our community. Also, we hope that students who attend THON will be inspired by the children and the other students who don't give up and keep fighting.
This funding is vital to provide a THON weekend opportunity for PSY students! Thanks =]
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SAF Committee Decision

Amount Approved
$2,838.07 Open