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09/16/14 Exploration of Commerce and Careers at the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority

Proposal Details

Date Received
2014-09-16 19:35:23
Student Sponsor
Joseph McGee
Student E-mail Address
Contact Name
Dr. Denise W. Streeter
Contact Email
Event Title
Event Date
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Beginning Time
7:00 am
Time Ending
6:00 pm
Amount Requested
$425 (for 28 people) or 225 (for 14 people)
Total Event Cost
$425 (for 28 people) or 225 (for 14 people)
The funds will be used to expose the students of Penn State York to an “Exploration of Commerce and Careers at the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority”. Originally an academic field trip for the SCM 301 – Business Logistics Management class, this exploration is appropriate as an opportunity for the entire campus as the operations of the port require those with backgrounds in not only business areas (i.e. accounting, finance, management, marketing, etc.), but also engineering, information systems and technology, and sciences such as environmental, chemistry, and more. We look forward to the students seeing how the economy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania comes together as they witness commerce in action at a level that will be a rare experience.

See the tentative timeline below for a glimpse of the day.

Tentative Timeline:

7:00 am Depart Penn State York
9 – 9:30 am Arrive Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA)
10:00 am Meet Ms. Fisher at the PRPA Administration Building
• Go to the 2nd floor for a presentation of global port
operations and career opportunities
• Head back on the bus from PRPA Administration Building
to tour the terminals
• Visit Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, Tioga Marine
Terminal and others as ships are being loaded or
unloaded, security searches as being carried out to
protect the food supply, and/or trains and tractor trailers
are being loaded and dispersed to deliver products to retail
• Get off the bus to tour the Cocoa Bean Facility
12:30 pm Complete tour; Depart Philadelphia Regional Port Authority
12:30 – 2:30 pm Lunch in Philadelphia (students pay for their own)
2:30 – 5:00 pm Return to Penn State York (NOTE: the approximate
ending time above is stated as 6 pm to allow for traffic
Itemized Request
Itemized Request for 28 people:

Van rentals (2 vans at $74 each) $148
Gasoline 140
Parking 40
Tolls 40
Miscellaneous 57
Total Amount Requested $425
(for 28 people)

Itemized Request for 14 people:

Van rental (1 van at $74) $ 74
Gasoline 70
Parking 20
Tolls 20
Miscellaneous 41
Total Amount Requested $225
(for 14 people)

NOTE: With the participants (i.e. students and faculty/staff) paying a cost of $5 each, there will be funds collected of $140 if 28 people attend and $70 if 14 people attend. These amounts can be used to offset the total amount requested, if appropriate. Therefore, the net SAF funds to be used are $285 (for 28 people) or $155 (for 14 people) considering the total amount requested minus the funds collected.
Itemized Matching Funds
$ - 0 -
Open to all Campus?
The event will be advertised via posters, Stall Seat Journal, pop-up ads on campus computers, and classroom announcements. Students will be directed on how to register to participate in this Exploration of Commerce and Careers.
# of Students Benefit
12 to 25 students will directly benefit from this event depending on whether one or two vans can be secured. Currently, there are 18 students who have expressed interest in attending this academic field trip. The number of total guests is limited by the Port to up to 35 maximum per group.
Enhance PSY
This proposal supports the travel category of eligible funding areas. Travel is a key method of expanding the horizons of students with out-of-class experiences related to the educational and career development process. It is believed that a visit to the vibrant Philadelphia Regional Port Authority will bring the dynamics of the integration of skills of the major areas of study together as students see the work of scientists who have determined the adjustments needed in the sea floor to accommodate the big ships that were designed by engineers and the work of information systems specialist who have developed technology to monitor the movement of goods around the ports and the financial systems that the finance professionals use to ensure the cost efficiency of the operation that marketing professionals use to promote the port to ship, train, and truck operators around the Commonwealth and the world. That kind of learning can only occur outside of the classroom as the student sees and hears the interactions of the port professionals and imagines the possibilities of his/her career in seaport operations or a similar field that addresses the connectedness of each of us in the world. It is within reason to believe that Penn State York will be enhanced by having students with a broader worldview.
Desired Outcomes
As a result of participation in this “Exploration of Commerce and Careers at the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority”, students will:
• experience a part of the Commonwealth that daily participates in the global economy;
• witness the cross-functional operations of the port as they see the input of professionals from many of the academic majors come together to produce and deliver goods and services;
• gain an understanding of the vast array of career opportunities at seaports, which might not have been a place of career consideration;
• identify the interconnectedness of domestic and global supply chain networks; and
• develop a broader world view for the possibilities of his/her contribution to society.
It is our intention to gain feedback from the attending students in two areas. One area of feedback will be their response to a series of written questions to capture information about the port and their observations, reflections, interpretations, and decisions about the experience. The second area of feedback will be a post-trip survey to be completed on the return drive back to campus to gather their thoughts on the benefits of the out-of-class experience.
As requested, the one-page review of the learning experience will be prepared and submitted with seven days after the event to provide a summary the two areas of feedback collected.
Accept Partial Funding?

SAF Committee Decision

Amount Approved
$425 (for 28 people) or 225 (for 14 people) Open