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Proposals must be submitted at least 2 days prior to each SAF meeting to receive consideration at that meeting.

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A further way that we can measure the impact of each allocation is to understand the impact of funding after an event. Proposal writers should feel free to incorporate assessment measures such as surveys and the like for this purpose. As such, the writer of each proposal must submit a one-page review (including number of participants) of the event to the co-chairs (Kelly Why -, and Patrick Tanner – no less than seven days after the event. Failure to submit this assessment document may impact future funding to the proposing person or group.

It is suggested that those who are submitting proposals attend the SAF meeting when their proposal will be reviewed. This will allow the committee to have all potential questions answered, and will expedite the process for everyone who submits a proposal. Student Activity Fee Committee meetings are open for the discussion portions of the agenda. While the committee deliberates and votes, we ask all persons who are not committee members to exit the room.

Additionally, please know that the committee works to thoroughly discuss all proposals. This may mean that every proposal that has been submitted may not be addressed at the very next meeting following the submission. The committee chairs will work to keep each person who has submitted a proposal abreast of the progress of the committee following each meeting.

There are occasions when the committee will want to reduce the amount funded in order to approve the proposal. Please indicate your preference:

I will accept a reduction in the amount allocated by the SAFC.
If not fully funded, I would prefer to have my proposal withdrawn.