Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik

Welcome to the website of Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik. I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Penn State York. I have a strong fascination for all things parasitic and enjoy introducing students to the wild and crazy worlds of Parasitology and Microbiology.

Dr. Vardo-Zalik Lab News:

2014 Victoria gets her research published in the Journal of Parasitology!

2014 Shanna-Kay and Komal get their research published in the Journal of Vector Ecology!

2014 Congratulations Shanna-Kay on your graduation!

2013 Dr. VZ wins the 2013 James H. Burness award for teaching excellence!

2013 Congratulations to Victoria Motz and Dan Rogers on their recent graduation!

2012 Victoria Motz wins a Summer Discovery Grant from University Park to fund her research on lizard immune response to malaria parasite infection!