Publication List

Here is a list of my current publications. Please contact me at amv12 for reprints/pdfs. The underlined names reflect undergraduates with whom I have published.

Publication List:

Vardo-Zalik, A.M., G. Zhou, D. Zhong, Y. Afrane, A. Githeko and G. Yan. 2013. Alterations in Plasmodium falciparum genetic structure two years after increased malaria control efforts in Western Kenya. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 88(1): 29-36.

Siddique, S. H. and A. M. Vardo-Zalik. 2012. The effects of available glucose concentration on the population dynamics of growing Escherichia coli cultures. John T. and Paige S. Smith Undergraduate Science Research Symposium Proceedings. 5: 7-12.

Vardo-Zalik, A.M. and R. A. Campbell. 2011. Five new species of Acanthobothrium van Beneden, 1849 (Cestoda: Tetraphyllidea) in elasmobranchs from the northwest Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico with first records from smooth-hound sharks and guitarfish. Zootaxa 2838: 41-64.

Wang, M., O. Marinotti, A. Vardo-Zalik, R. Boparai, and G.Yan. 2011. Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of genes associated with acute desiccation stress in Anopheles gambiae. PLoS ONE 6(10): e26011. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026011

Zhong, D., M. Bonizzoni, G. Zhou, G. Wang, B. Chen, A. Vardo-Zalik, L. Cui, G. Yan, B. Zheng. 2011. Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax malaria in China and Myanmar. Infection Genetics and Evolution 11(6):1419-25.

 Zhou, G., Y. Afrane, A. M. Vardo-Zalik, H. Atieli, P. Wamae, Y. E. Himeidan, N. Minakawa, Andrew K. Githeko,  and G. Yan. 2011. Changing Patterns of Malaria Epidemiology between 2002 and 2010 in Western Kenya: The Fall and Rise of Malaria. PLoS ONE 6 (5): e20318. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020318.

Baliraine, FN, Y.A. Afrane, D. A. Amenya, M. Bonizzoni, A. M. Vardo-Zalik, D. M. Menge, G. Zhou, D. Zhong, A.K. Githeko, and G. Yan. 2010. A cohort study of Plasmodium falciparum infection dynamics in Western Kenya Highlands. BMC Emerging Infectious Diseases, 10: 283.

Ford, A.L., A.M. Vardo-Zalik, and J.J. Schall. 2010.  Relative clonal density of malaria parasites in mixed-genotype infections: validation of a technique using microsatellite markers for Plasmodium falciparum and P. mexicanum. Journal of Parasitology, 96(5): 908-13.

 Fricke, J, A.M. Vardo-Zalik, and J. J. Schall. 2010.  Geographic genetic differentiation of a malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum, and its lizard host, Sceloporus occidentalisJournal of Parasitology, 96(2): 308–313.

 Baliraine, FN, Y.A. Afrane, D. A. Amenya, M. Bonizzoni, D. M. Menge, G. Zhou, D. Zhong, A. M. Vardo-Zalik,A.K. Githeko, and G. Yan. 2009. High prevalence of asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infections in a highland area of Western Kenya: a cohort study. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 200: 66-74.

Vardo-Zalik, A.M. 2009. Clonal diversity of a malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum, and its transmission success from its vertebrate-to-insect host.  International Journal for Parasitology, 39: 1573-1579.

 Vardo-Zalik, A.M., A. Ford, and J. J. Schall. 2009. Detecting number of clones, and their relative abundance, of a malaria parasite (Plasmodium mexicanum) infecting its vertebrate host. Parasitology Research, 105: 209-215.

Vardo-Zalik, A.M. and J.J. Schall. 2009. Clonal diversity alters the infection dynamics of a malaria parasite (Plasmodium mexicanum) within its vertebrate host. Ecology, 90(2): 529-536.

 Vardo-Zalik, A.M. and J.J. Schall.  2008. Clonal diversity within infections and the virulence of a malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum. Parasitology, 135: 1363-1372.

 Schall, J.J. and A.M. Vardo, AM. 2007. Identification of microsatellite markers in Plasmodium mexicanum, a lizard malaria parasite that infects nucleated erythrocytes. Molecular Ecology Notes, 7(2): 227-229.

 Vardo, A.M., K.D. Kaufhold, and J. J. Schall. 2007.  Experimental test for premunition in a lizard malaria parasite (Plasmodium mexicanum). Journal of Parasitology, 93(2): 280-282.

Vardo, A.M. and J. J. Schall. 2007. Clonal diversity of a lizard malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum, in its vertebrate host, the western fence lizard: role of variation in transmission intensity over time and space. Molecular Ecology, 16: 2712-2720.

 Vardo, A.M., A.R. Wargo, and J.J. Schall. 2005. PCR detection of lizard malaria parasites: prevalence of Plasmodium infections with low-level parasitemia differs by site and season.  Journal of Parasitology, 91(6): 1509-1511.



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