Crickets in the library

Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay was so enthusiastic about my idea of purchasing a display case for the library, I told him if I was ever able to get the money for it, he could have the first display. So, after the display case became a reality, Jorge worked with the library staff to create a wonderful display and we organized a corresponding talk which was held in February, 2014.

AmberDisplayJorge had students help him clean up various models to be displayed in the library and used during the talk. As one of the snacks offered at the event, I had made orange and yellow jello (to look like amber) with edible crickets “fossilized” in it. During the talk, the students encouraged Jorge to eat a cricket and he promised, at the conclusion of the talk, that he would. He kept his promise and received a warm round of applause.

It was such an informative and enjoyable event – I think everyone who attended loved it.


Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay presents “Botany of Amber and Plant Exudates” in the Penn State York library on February 18, 2014.

photo of Dr. Blay eating a cricket

Dr. Blay kept his promise and finished his talk by eating a “fossilized” cricket.


photo of cricket in jello

Fossilized insect in amber? No, just an edible cricket in some lemon and orange jello.

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