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ROAD: Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources

One of my goals it to learn more about open access and this site is a good place to start. The site allows you to search for different types of online scholarly resources published worldwide and freely available and also provides links to resources about Open Access publishing.

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Crickets in the library

Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay was so enthusiastic about my idea of purchasing a display case for the library, I told him if I was ever able to get the money for it, he could have the first display. So, after the display case became a reality, Jorge worked with the library staff to create a wonderful display and we organized a corresponding talk which was held in February, 2014.

AmberDisplayJorge had students help him clean up various models to be displayed in the library and used during the talk. As one of the snacks offered at the event, I had made orange and yellow jello (to look like amber) with edible crickets “fossilized” in it. During the talk, the students encouraged Jorge to eat a cricket and he promised, at the conclusion of the talk, that he would. He kept his promise and received a warm round of applause.

It was such an informative and enjoyable event – I think everyone who attended loved it.


Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay presents “Botany of Amber and Plant Exudates” in the Penn State York library on February 18, 2014.

photo of Dr. Blay eating a cricket

Dr. Blay kept his promise and finished his talk by eating a “fossilized” cricket.


photo of cricket in jello

Fossilized insect in amber? No, just an edible cricket in some lemon and orange jello.

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We lost online access to DSM-IV on December 31, 2013. Altoona, Brandywine, Greater Allegheny, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lehigh Valley and Worthington Scranton collaboratively purchased the APPI PsychiatryOnline Premium Package, which contains DSM 5. As it stands, we do not have access to the archived version of DSM-IV at PsychiatryOnline. We have asked LYRASIS to look into this for us and clarify whether or not we are entitled to access it as part of the APPI Premium Package.

There is a new CAT record for DSM 5. The link to use is:

As soon as we have an update on DSM-IV, we’ll let everyone know.

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Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

One of our former library student workers came to our Christmas party yesterday and, while he was here, decided to look for some basic books on journalism. While doing a browse search on the term journalism, we came across the term feuilletons as a related term. Neither of us knew what it meant, but the next day, he sends me an email saying that he just saw the word used in a friend’s Facebook posting adding, “Isn’t it peculiar how you see something new and then you ALWAYS see it after that initial moment?”

I thought there should be a name for this phenomenon, so I googled some phrase trying to explain this and found the term Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. I don’t understand why I can’t find any reference to this in Gale Virtual Reference Library or in LionSearch. I tried the term frequency illusion, referred to in the web article, but nothing came up for that either.

I would think there would be a psychological term for this phenomenon, but I can’t find it!

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Big Ten

The University of Maryland and Rutgers University will join the Big Ten Conference effective July 1, 2013. The following are currently in the Big Ten:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Michigan State
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Northwestern
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State
  • Purdue
  • Wisconsin
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Speak Up? Raise Your Hand? That May No Longer Be Necessary
The New York Times
March 30, 2012

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New music database

DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music), a streaming audio database, has been licensed by the University Libraries and added to the alphabetical list of databases.

DRAM streams audio from over two dozen independent record labels that reflect the diversity of 20th- and 21st-century American classical music. The collection includes all recordings from the labels New World Records and Composers Recordings, Inc. (CRI) as well as other recordings of aesthetic and historical value largely ignored by the commercial marketplace. Liner notes and cover art are included. DRAM is a not-for-profit, online music database dedicated to preserving and disseminating important music recordings that may be difficult or impossible to obtain by other means.

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Professional Issues in Civil Engineering

I think it is difficult to think of multi-sided issues in your field of study unless you are in the habit of reading blogs, newspapers, or articles written about that profession. I read a brief article “Professional Issues in Civil Engineering in the 21st Century” from the Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice (October 2002) that listed 12 significant issues members of the profession generated as ideas for a conference.

Among the issues they came up with were:

  • price competition
  • Design Build (which seems like a good multi-sided issue)
  • role of research in the future of civil engineering
  • privatization
  • nonengineers in engineering positions in government and private practice
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Too much of a good thing?

College Students Eager to Learn but Need Help Negotiating Information Overload

This article makes a good point: even though students today have a vast amount of information at their disposal, finding what they need has become more difficult. I see a connection between the ideas presented in this article and “When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing.”

Providing students with a list of articles, including the two above, and having them choose 2 to make a connection between, could be an interesting research assignment.

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