CAS 100 A

Click on the link at the bottom of this page that corresponds to your question. You will then need to do the following:

  1. Quickly read over the linked article
  2. Follow the clues in the article to find the full text of the original scholarly research article referred to in this linked article. If more than one research article is referred to, you only need to find one.
      • If  you are on the Science Daily website, you will often be able to find your research article by clicking on the DOI hyperlink contained in the Journal Reference at the end of the article.
      • If you are on the Science Daily website and there isn’t a DOI link in your Journal Reference, try copying the title of the article mentioned in the Journal Reference and pasting it into LionSearch.
      • If your original article does not have a Journal Reference at the end, you will have to find clues in your article, such as researcher’s  names, titles of journals, and keywords. Then, use those terms in LionSearch to find the research article.

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