ENGL 015 (Yoder)

Assignment #4: The Researched Argument Essay

TAKE A STANDImage of button with the word Vote followed by the words Electoral College Voter identification and exit polling

  • Serious social issue
  • Relevant
  • Currently in the news


Reference sources provide background information and an overview of your topic. You should begin your research with this type of information since you need to understand your issue before you can begin to find additional sources.  Subject encyclopedias, such as those found in Gale Virtual Reference Library, provide topic overviews in many disciplines. Make sure to check the Further Readings, References, and Bibliographies in your background sources to find additional resources.

Electoral College:  I found two excellent articles on my Electoral College topic in Gale Virtual Reference Library; one from the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution and the other from West’s Encyclopedia of American Law.


Use The CAT to locate books on your topic. By following up on the sources found at the end of my encyclopedia articles, I was able to locate 10 books, all available through Penn State University Libraries.

Use Google Preview to review the contents of a book and, if it isn’t available in our campus library, request it using I Want It.

Subject heading in The CAT

Click on a relevant subject heading to find other items in The CAT on that topic.