Finding scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in your field:

  • Check the Research Guide for your field of study. Guides include the important databases for your field and some guides even include links to specific journals.
  • Browse through electronic journals in your engineering discipline by clicking on the broad category and selecting one of the journals.
  • Browse through Penn State’s electronic journals by choosing a subject category and then selecting one of the journals.

Finding scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in your field:

  • Take a look at the top ScienceDirect research articles in your area of interest.
  • Enter search terms in LionSearch and refine your search to “Limit to articles from peer-reviewed publications.”
  • Explore publications by subject in a database for your field. For example, IEEE Xplore allows you to browse journals by title or topic.
Image of the IEEE database

Browse journals in IEEE Xplore

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