FYE Working Group

Final Report of the working group on the First-Year Experience

Group Members

Barb Eshbach, co-chair, bee11@psu.edu
LeighAnn Myers, co-chair, lnm5048@psu.edu
Sharon Christ, sem2@psu.edu
Jennifer Nesbitt, jpn12@psu.edu
Jane Pflaum, jap34@psu.edu
Jane Emery, jle3@psu.edu
Andrew Caldwell, apc2@psu.edu
Dan Puccio, dpp15@psu.edu
Deanna Miller, dwm5353@psu.edu
Matt Dunlap, mld5177@psu.edu
Ginia Moorehead, gmm5253@psu.edu
Tatyana Williams, tdw5153@psu.edu
Hailey Schuchart, hes5098@psu.edu

Action Items

Please try to find some time to follow the links below and determine if this college/university has a FYE. If they do, please:

  • Write a very brief summary of the program (or programs) including information such as whether it is required and if it is offered for credit (and anything else that you find important or interesting!)
  • Email your information to Barb (bee11) and LeighAnn (lnm5048) and we’ll compile it for our next meeting. If you are unable to do this, please let us know so we can reassign your schools!

These institutions were chosen since they are the ones used in the Comparison Group for our NSSE data:

Barb Eshbach: Bard College at Simon’s Rock (rec.d 7/25/12)
LeighAnn Myers: CUNY Medgar Evers College
Sharon Christ: Dalton State College (rec’d. 7/24/12)
Jane Emery: Dixie State College of Utah
Andrew Caldwell: Macon State College
Jennifer Nesbitt: Rogers State University (rec’d. 7/23/12)
Deanna Miller: SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill
Matt Dunlap: SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
Ginia Moorehead: University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (rec’d. 7/13/12)
Tatyana Williams: Utah Valley University
Hailey Schuchart: Indiana University East
Dan Puccio: Medaille College


As you can see from the Retention Plan Structure, we are charged with filling in all the blanks in the First Year Experience section of the Programmatic Retention Initiatives.

Guiding Question
Background Information and Rationale
Statement of Goals
Expected Outcomes