Kines 081 (Crivaro)

Penn State subject librarians have set up Research Guides to help students navigate the library resources in particular subject areas. You may find the Kinesiology, Exercise and Sport Science guide helpful for this class. You should also take a look at research guides dealing with your chosen topic.

Additional suggested Research Guides:
Biobehavioral Health
Health Sciences
Psychology (General)

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a good place to begin when you need basic background information and a general overview of your topic. Most of you should be able to find information in this database for your selected topic.

You may want to include books as some of the scholarly sources for your paper. Please see the page Penn State’s online library catalog “The CAT” for information about the loan period for books and tips for searching.

While books may not be the best source for current topics, they do provide in-depth background information for many topics.

Below are some specific search strategies for some of your selected topics. Keep in mind, The CAT uses single quote marks for phrase searching

  • Search the phrase ‘gluten-free diet’ as a keyword search
  • A keyword search for autism yields too many results. You will obtain more relevant results searching for autism as a subject heading:


  • If you are interested in mood/anxiety disorders, try searching the subject headings: ‘affective disorders’ , ‘anxiety disorders’, ‘mood disorders‘, and depression.
  • ‘medication abuse’ or ‘drug abuse’ as a subject heading
  • Search for osteosarcoma as a keyword

Library-subscription databases provide access to high-quality, credible sources for peer-reviewed journal articles.

You may need to use the Get It! link to access the full text of some articles.

Links from the Research Guides can lead you to some credible websites on your topics. For example,  choose Consumer Health (Medline Plus) from the Core Resources in the Medicine Research Guide.

The Consumer Health (Medline Plus) database contains information for all the topics chosen in your class and includes links to useful websites, such as

  • Autism Society
  •  – the American Psychiatric Association’s online resource for anyone seeking mental health information
  • Anxiety Disorders Association of America
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse

LionSearch is a new interface to the combined resources provided by the Penn State University Libraries.