PSYCH 212 (Casteel)

There are certain strategies that you will need to know in order to successfully complete this assignment.

How do I effectively search the PsycINFO database?

  • Use double quote marks to search for a phrase.
  • Limit your search to peer-reviewed results.
  • When you find a good article, take a look at the Subjects in the Indexing details at the end of the article and search again using one of those terms in the Subject heading field.
  • You may also want to limit your search to a specific age group or methodology.


  • Access the PsycINFO database.
  • Search for the phrase “time stands still”
  • Limit to: Peer reviewed
  • Scroll through the results until you find the article “When Time Stands Still: Fear-Specific Modulation of Temporal Bias Due to Threat.”
  • Take a look at the Subjects – these can provide additional relevant search terms for you to use.

What if I find a good article in PsycINFO, but they don’t have the full text?

PsycINFO indexes many publications, but does not provide full text access to all of them. If full text isn’t available for the article you want, you will need to use the GetIt! button.

Search PsycINFO using the following search strategy:

  • Search for the phrase “time perception” in the Subject heading field.
  • Limit to: Peer reviewed
  • Date range: Last 12 months
  • Methodology: Empirical study
  • Age group: Childhood (birth-12 Yrs)

What if I need an article from a journal that’s not in PsycINFO?

First, try searching for the article title using LionSearch.

If want to look through a particular journal, use the widget below to find out if we have online access to the journal:

You want to find a recent article titled “Time Crawls When You’re Not Having Fun: Feeling Entitled Makes Dull Tasks Drag On” published in a recent issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, which is not included in PsycINFO. Put the title of the journal in the search box above to determine if Penn State University Libraries has online access to this journal.

How do I cite my sources?

Please refer to the APA 6th Edition Quick Reference (July 2009) handout, also available in the library.

For additional details for the specific options for this assignment, please review the Spring 2013 Psych212 worksheet.