We ConnectED at FTCAP

Here is your challenge!

Try this when you come back to campus for the fall semester! Scan the QR code below to find the question you will need to answer and then follow Steps 1 and 2 (and use the hint).  There are a lot of free QR readers you can download for your smartphone or iPad.  I use Qrafter on my iPad, but there are lots of others, such as RedLaser, and QR Droid. If you don’t have a smartphone or iPad, make a connection with someone who does, or come into the library and use one of our iPads! We’d love to see you.

QR code for question

Here’s your question!







Step 1

If you want are looking for a particular journal, search below to determine the availability:


Step 2

You will need to click on one of the databases (from Step 1) to get to the journal. Once you are in the database, you will need to search within the journal for one of the names from the Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) faculty. See the link below for their names:
Communication Arts and Sciences faculty


QR code for hint
Here is a hint!


What do I do when I find the answer?

Make another connection! Find the mystery professor, have him or her sign your ConnectED form, and bring the completed form into the library. You may give it to me, or anyone on the library staff.

Your name will be entered in a drawing for a FREE LUNCH with me, the other student you connected with at FTCAP, and the mystery professor. Trust me, it will be fun.

You can always leave comments in the space below if you need help or advice, or if you just want to connect!

2012 FTCAP library small group activity overview

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