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English 200W:  Introduction to Critical Reading

This course offers students with an interest in analyzing art and culture an opportunity to hone their reading skills and to begin learning critical approaches to literature.  The course has two major components:  1) an introduction to the major terms of literary theory with time to practice applying them, and 2) the study and creation of a critical edition.  Through these projects we will attempt to define our reading practices and explore how reading shapes our understanding of the world.

English 222W:  British Literature from 1800

This course surveys British literature from approximately 1800 to approximately now.  This broad timeframe includes the Romantic, Victorian, Modernist, and Contemporary periods, and it marks two strong shifts in the aesthetic modes that dominate our ways of telling stories and learning about cultural values.  The nineteenth century saw the novel surpass poetry as the dominant way of telling stories; in the twentieth century, the novel gave way to visual media (film, television, digital).  Thus, while we focus on literary works, we should also be aware of other cultural forms that have influenced and, to some degree, outdistanced these forms as ways of bringing us information about our cultural longings and debates.

English 489:  British Women Writers

This course considers 20th-century British women writers in historical context, considering the major changes in women’s role and the ways writers have recorded or imagined those changes.  We will also think about what the term “woman writer” means.  We will begin with three authors who emerged as major talents early in the century:  Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Townsend Warner, and Jean Rhys.  We’ll track their work into the post-World War II era and then consider how two  later authors, Angela Carter and Bernardine Evaristo, work with the themes and priorities inherited from earlier women writers.


English 015: Rhetoric and Composition

English 184/English 184 U:  The Short Story

English 456