Clicker Integration – Long evening classes

Here is one idea I suggested to the 2 science faculty teaching long evening classes to non-science majors

1) students get tired towards the end – so use the last half hour to do a review of the lecture with the clicker questions – they can use their notes in round one – maybe think about 2 or 3 rounds -
round one – they use their notes – give them a little longer
round two – no notes – and go a little faster
round three – no notes and faster still

faculty could simply change the answers around between rounds or ask slightly different questions on the same topic so they really have to understand and focus – not just memorize (a, b, c, etc)

If they register their clickers -  and faculty use igrader, they could record their scores – not count them for a grade -  but at least have some data on the back end to look at – which ones on round 3 were they still getting wrong….was there improvement between rounds?  Anything still unclear that needs more emphasis?

Icing on the cake? – Tell them (in round one) to highlight (or star or whatever system they use) their lecture notes to annotate the important ideas that you are reinforcing during the review…so they can focus for quizzes and exams. Give them a few minutes between rounds to review their notes and annotations

Next week, maybe some group activities with the clickers to break it up. Conceptual level or analysis – real world issue related to the content? Case study?

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