Clicker Integration with Critical Thinking framework in Holocaust course

Started thinking through meaningful use of clickers in the Hist 121 course – the nature of the material lends itself to asking essential questions, identifying underlying assumptions and attitudes (of students and historical figures and groups) – and all of a sudden – DING – the light bulb  – all the critical thinking stuff from the fall course – a natural fit -

Faculty member is willing to do anything!!!

So we are going to look at integrating both things into her lectures – clickers and CT


I am working on an activity… so far – first do a brief overview of CT attitudes, elements, standards ..

Faculty has identified the essential questions on a given lesson’s topic

then students break into groups..

a) They all analyze the same question – but take different elements to discuss and standards to use – present to the class – clicker integration – student come up with a clicker question…


b) they each get a different question with resources – they analyze with all the elements and certain defined standards –  present to the class – see if students agree or disagree with their analysis with clickers

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