Blended learning application process…Design process

We are getting down to the nitty gritty now – getting ready to start the first official re-design of a course, Span 131, using the application process we worked on over the summer (sent it to TLTAC for input and feedback – and now ready to try out).

Application is just one part (an important part) of the process – it regulates the work flow and sets expectations for work load for faculty. It lets DAA and ADAA know what is happening with the courses being offered so students also know what they are getting into when they register for a course.

Now, as the actual re-design gets underway, we have to consider a real process for faculty  that is USEFUL, not overly burdensome, and effective in getting them to the finish line with a quality product.

So I sat down this week, to try to come up with a process that includes, steps in the redesign (like mapping course objectives to assessments, choosing online and F2F components, designing a module to pilot, getting modules online, accessibility, facilitation training etc), activities to complete, time frames for completion, and deliverables. It also has checkpoints to meet with me so that faculty can get input/feedback/assistance and direction for next steps in the design process. I’ve also included in the timetable, assessment points for the process and the product – a pilot of the first module, and points to collect feedback form students and faculty during the course.

Because we are limited in our resources, we will try to build capacity through the cadre of faculty going through the process – as they finish the process and reflect on the re-design, the will share what they’ve learned and also mentor new faculty in the process.

In the end, if we start slowly and work carefully – and assess what’s happening – making changes as needed, I believe we will have a product we can be proud of and a process that is sustainable and scalable. Here is the Design doc timetable – DRAFT form! Time Table with milestones and tentative dates

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