Blended Process Update

I continue to work the process with the faculty member doing the pilot blended course for summer – SPAN 131. Lst week we met to start to storyboard what the online piece might look like. It has worked really well to start with the objectives for the course – because we continually refer back to them to make sure we are on course.

We keep checking to make sure we aren’t creating the 1.5 course syndrome, and we are mindful of intentionally designing for the “blend” between F2F and online portions.

The meetings once a week or every 2 are keeping us on track towards the goal which is working out well. Otherwise, the time slips away!

Next week is the first meeting for the blended learning cohort/blended learning overview – I decided to combine the 2 to give interested folks a chance to hear what it’s all about and then decide if they want to spend the summer working on a redesign or not.

At the recent TLTAC meeting, we decided to move the question about BL forward to strategic planning – so that IF it becomes a campus initiative, then it is in SP and can get funding… or not…

This initiative has been an eye opener about how things happen at a campus – how do things actually get done – how do new ideas move forward and actually become reality?.. more in the next post…

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