Summer 2012 Explosion of Activity!

Summer 2012 saw the best participation ever for workshops – It was FABULOUS!

Here was the line-up

  • Games & Game-like Elements Integration (workshop + 2 week intense online game play and development)
  • Blended Learning Re-Design Cohort
  • Leveraging the Power of the Gen-Eds
  • Stanford U’s dSchool Crash Course Pilot (Design/innovation process)

Besides these really powerful experiences with faculty, I had a few of my own projects going on :)

  • Presentation to Pennsylvania CPAs (PICPA) on Technology in Accounting Education 7/13
  • Northwestern University (in conjunction with IES) – Taking a series of online lectures on Quasi-Experimental Design – EXACTLY the question I have been asking – and here was the answer!  and a nice segue from theory of SoTL into real design.
  • Working on a paper for The Teaching Professor on gaming – from the summer workshop and online game – with 2 faculty members who participated.
  • Taking the re-designed OL 2000 (Effective Online Teaching)
  • Taking Hi ED 860 – Enrollment Management – learning a little bit about logistic regression – NICE!
  • Prepping a new course for me at PSY – LL ED 005 – College Reading – I am pairing this with PSYCH 100, so students will be developing college reading skills and applying them in a real course. I WISH I had the quasi-experiment part under my belt so I could set something up for fall – Took the IRB training in spring… the clock is ticking…IRB submitted for exempt status…
  • Working on the Accessibility and Copyright module for the Fall Schreyer Colloquy on blended/online course design
  • Secondary support for the clickers grant project in the fall with Biol 110 – exciting!
  • Learning Design Summer Camp is next week

Juggling… juggling… juggling

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