Paired LL ED/PSYCH 100 Outcomes

During the Fall 2012 semester, I worked on a pilot project (special thanks to Mark Casteel (psychology), Kathleen Jansen (psychology), and Danielle Runkle (LL ED)) in which students enrolled in my section of LL ED 005 College Reading were also enrolled in a section of Psych 100. The purpose of the pairing was to provide concrete opportunities for learning the expectations, strategies, and skills of college level reading through connections to a real-time content course. My hope was that students would more easily see the relevance of the work we did together in the reading course and that the pairing would provide distinct moments to discuss and change behaviors and attitudes that would lead to a higher rate of academic success. GPAs for students in all sections will be tracked over two semesters. An IRB proposal was submitted and approved and student informed consent was gathered before the start of the project. A presentation proposal has been submitted for the spring Lilly Conference in Washington, DC. A presentation of the findings and recommendations will also be offered locally during the Spring 2013 semester.

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