LL ED/Psych pairing update

I learned a lot through this process… from IRB and the perils of a proper informed consent…to getting enough data/information to understand (as much as you ever can) what’s happening in a classroom. I think that now, after the pilot, I am ready to plan the fall, if people are willing to go to round 2. These are the changes I’m proposing:

  1. Students paired with only one instructor – even though the instructors used the same textbook, they were on different chapters – so it made it impossible to have a real common experience of learning Psych – we were never )literally) in the same page
  2. Students should enroll only in the daytime class of Psych – the once a week, 3 hour evening class was too big of a leap for first semester students – requiring too much independent learning and discipline.
  3. I had them doing intense info processing (Cornell notes, completing chapter objective sheets, study plans, practice quizzes, review sessions) for only the first 2 exams – I’ll readjust to do this longer – through exam 4 – and then do a gradual release
  4. Not use the TP text – it was enough with just the psych text.
  5. Data to collect (and include on the informed consent form for them to sign): gpa for 2 semesters, course grades, Psych exam grades, SAT reading scores, end-of-semester survey, clicker question responses

The greatest benefit of this project in my mind was how quickly we could start to talk about expectations of college work and start to address that part of the high school to college gap more quickly through a common experience (learning the Psych content) – Overwhelmingly, students reported a very positive experience in the course – now I want to make sure that  it is also more effective in terms of Psych outcomes – through the changes I am proposing.

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