Learning Analytics & Knowledge MOOC LAK 13

Began participation in my third MOOC:

1st experience) Digital Storytelling with the infamous d106 crowd at Mary Washington – awesome!
2nd experience) Statistics with Princeton prof through Coursera – again – super helpful
3rd and current experience) Learning Analytics and Knowledge with George Siemens et al (#LAK13). Here’s what the course entails:

  • Wk 1 – This course starts with a broad overview including history of the progression of LA over time
  • Wk 2- Case studies of institutions doing LA
  • Wk 3- We get into the tools of LA – including data visualization and analysis tools – R and Tableau
  • Wk 4 – Predictive models & Assessment
  • Wk 5 – Smarter curriculum: semantic web, linked data, and adaptive content
  • Wk 6 – Epistemology, Pedagogy, Assessment and Learning Analytics
  • Wk 7 – Privacy and ethics: principles for governing LA use and implementation
  • Wk 8 – Learning analytics: where is it headed? How to get involved (SoLAR, IEDMS, academic programs)

Already this course has born fruit!! A co-facilitator with George Siemens in the course is Simon Buckingham Shum of the Open University in UK, who connected me to some research he is doing with Ruth Deakin-Crick (U. of Bristol) on lifelong learning – See posting on the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory – ELLI.

This can be a very useful insert into the LL ED college reading course and then with other programs on campus – a direct tie-in with retention – so I am investigating funding sources, access to the tool, literature on the research done so far with ELLI, and training support available for application of the tool. Their work also incorporates learning analytics with a tool they built that ‘s a plug-in to WordPress -So I plan to use this as the course project – and hopefully build this into an article that I could submit to the Journal of Reading Development next year!!!  A new journey begins…EXCITING!!!!

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