Combining Retention, Student Support, Learning Analytics in a College Reading Course

Project for LAK 13 – MOOC with George Siemens SP 2013

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Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) + Reflection + LA + College Reading Course

Thanks to Simon Buckingham Shum,(Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University, UK) who mentioned the ELLI project and provided links to find out more, I believe I have found a very interesting project to try with the next iteration of LL ED 005 college reading students!

Last fall, I worked with students in reflective activities called “toolbox assignments” that asked them to take different inventories (curiosity for example or successful choices) and then reflect on their scores and what it means in terms of their learning/academic success. It was pretty piecemeal…and nothing electronic, so I couldn’t really (without a lot of work) “see” patterns/trends… so when I saw the ELLI inventory, with its 7 dimensions of lifelong learning (see below) – along with an example which showed how mentors/mentees were using it in a reflective process to discuss student scores on each dimension and look at growth/change over time…and now with this course and the learning analytics piece – thinking about having students take the inventory – reflect in a blog – and track with LA to analyze - With the Blogger Enquiry plug-ins, we get the analytics! This could be a really interesting project that makes a lot of sense in this first year course for students!!!

I have lots of reading to do about ELLI, the plug-ins etc… but I’m excited to get started!!!

ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory)  (a self-report 72 item web-based questionnaire – internal structure was factor analyzed and validated) – measures how people feel about them selves in a particular domain (7 total) at a given point in time

  1. Changing & Learning
  2. Critical curiosity
  3. Meaning-making
  4. dependence and fragility
  5. Creativity
  6. Learning Relationships
  7. Strategic Awareness


Enquiry Blog Builder –

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